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Searching the Stammbaumdatenbank at Familia-Austria

The database can be searched at Unfortunately only a German version is available (but that will change in the future). You can search by surname ("Familienname"), first names ("Vornamen"), year range ("Jahr(von-bis)", = year (from-to)) and place ("Ort"). You can even decide how the results should be sorted ("Sortierreihenfolge"). There are two options: surname/first name/year ("nach Familienname, Vorname, Jahr", that's the default) and year/surname/first name ("nach Jahr, Familienname, Vorname").

Just a few examples:

To look at my grandfather enter:

Familienname (surname): "Zeiner"
Vornamen (first names): "Adam"
Jahr (von-bis): "1905" "1905"
Ort (place): "Torschau"

Press the "Suchen!" (search!) button now.

You should see:

#       P-ID    Familienname    Vorname     Ereignis        Jahr    Ort
1	74906	Zeiner          Adam Jakob  Geburt          1905    Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn	
2	444218	Zeiner          Adam Jakob  Geburt          1905    Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Ö-U	
3	444218	Zeiner          Adam Jakob  Taufe	    1905    Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Ö-U

P-ID is an internal database ID. As you can see my grandfather is more once in the database. The first ID is from my ancestors database, the second one from the Torschau familybook.

Ereignis is the genealogical event. "Geburt" means birth, "Taufe" baptism, "Heirat" marriage, "Tod" death and "begraben" burried.

Jahr is year. The exact date will be shown when you look at the details (see below).

Ort is place. Österreich-Ungarn (Ö-U) means Austria-Hungary btw.

To see the details of the first entry press the "Details" button on the right side:

Stammbäume - Details
PID:    74906
Name:   Adam Jakob Zeiner

Geburt: 12.03.1905 in Torschau,Kula,Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn

Vater:  Friedrich Zeiner (1875-xxxx)
Mutter: Susanna Bechtold (1882-xxxx)
Ehe mit Charlotte Größer (1906-xxxx)

The death dates and the names of his children are known of course but are withheld because of data protection. Please note that the date is in European format: day month and year. 12.03.1905 therefore is 12th of march 1905.

You can switch now to his father ("Vater") Friedrich Zeiner by pressing the link under his name. You can change to his mother ("Mutter"), wife ("Ehe mit") or children ("Kinder") as well. Ok, not to the children in this example. (You know the data protection.)

Now can can get back to the result list with the "Zurück" button or start a new search with "Neue Abfrage". Let's start a new query:

To search all Zeiners in Torschau from 1860 to now enter:

Familienname (surname): "Zeiner"
Vornamen (first names): "" (leave it blank)
Jahr (von-bis): "1860" "" (leave bis field blank)
Ort (place): "Torschau"
Please note: if you want to reset all input fields just press "Einträge löschen".

Now the result list is:

#       P-ID    Familienname   Vorname          Ereignis   Jahr   Ort
1       74906   Zeiner         Adam Jakob       Geburt     1905   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
2       76123   Zeiner         Friedrich        Geburt     1875   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
3       76497   Zeiner         Jakob            Heirat     1865   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
4       76496   Zeiner         Jakob            Geburt     1869   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
5       76497   Zeiner         Jakob            Tod        1877   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
6       77313   Zeiner         Karl             Geburt     1865   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
7       78469   Zeiner         Peter            Geburt     1875   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
8       78469   Zeiner         Peter            Heirat     1898   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
9       78473   Zeiner         Peter Wilhelm    Tod        1872   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn
10      78536   Zeiner         Philipp Wilhelm  Geburt     1910   Torschau,Kula,Bács-Bodrog,Österreich-Ungarn

Right to the initial search mask is a German explanation "Tipps und Tricks zur Abfrage" (tips and tricks for your query). There are some good examples for name searches using place holders. In short: you can use a question mark ? as a replacement for exactly one character and you can use an asterisk * for the replacement of an undefined number of characters (even no character at all). So Ze?ner will search for Zeiner and Zeuner as well. Ze*ner will search for Zeiner and Zeuner like before, but for Zechner or Zener and Zehentleithner (and much more) as well. Maybe you know this wild characters from your MSDOS times :-)

Just one more tip: Be careful at your name search. Your surname can appear in more than one form. Especially "ß" <-> "ss", "b" <-> "p", "d" <-> "t" <-> "dt". E.g. if you look at "Größer" look at "Grösser" as well (or just search "Grö*er"). If you look at Bechtold, also look at Pechtold.

About the year range: To search an exact year enter it both at the "von" and "bis" field. To search from beginning of earth leave the "von" field blank. To search until now leave the "bis" field blank. If you leave both fields blank no time restriction will be made.

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