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Torschau church

Some facts about Torschau / Torza / Torzsa


Torschau (now Savino Selo) is located at 45°30'21"N, 19°31'20"E, district of Kula, north of Novi Sad (Ujvidek, Neusatz).

Look at the map of Batschka (Bács-Bodrog) (large!), provided by the Department of Cartography, Eötvös University Budapest:

Ujvidek is located at river Danube (Duna) in the south of the map, Torzsa above.




Mostly Lutherans and Reformed. Only a few Catholics and Jews.


The earliest German Settlement was in 1784. Torschau was the first Protestant village in the Batschka.

Protestant neighbor villages in the Batschka

If you are researching Torschau it is worth to take a look at the Protestant neighbor villages around.


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Peter Haas, village coordinator of Torschau

Family book Torschau:
I am planning to make a family book about Torschau. I do not want to make money out of it, just to cover my costs. It will take me some more time to finish my work but in the meantime you can search my data at the Stammbaumdatenbank at Familia Austria. There is a short help available. I want to give credit to all the people who helped me so far. There are about 14.000 people available now. Nevertheless I need more material to fill my gaps. I appreciate any new material in any form! Of course you will be cited as the author of your source. And of course I am pleased to share what I already have. Contact me at DVHH.
Thank you!

Torschau Village Coordinator: Peter Haas
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