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  Gricolo/Grigolo/Grigolor, Götz & Weigl(s) Families

Contact: Kyle S. Goodmann


Looking for ancestors or current relatives.

My grandfather Peter Grigolo, son of Josef Grigolo of Mehala, Temeswar, married Sophie/Sophia Götz, daughter of Peter Götz, of Kleinbetschkerek.

Both of my grandfather's parents were from Banat.  The maternal side was Peter Götz.  His daughter Sophie (listed as Sophia on manifest) immigrated to the US and married Josef Grigolo's son, Peter.  They met in NY. 

The Götz family is listed as living in Betschkerek.

The other family I have a connection to in Temesvar were the Weigl(s). Peter Weigl (brother of Georg Weigl) was married to Peter Grigolo's sister, Anna.


Jozsef Grigolo age 47 born Csatad, October 09, 1910 -

wife Magdalena who is at 548 Mehala - Josef was joining his son "Peter Grigolo in NY. 
This means the other manifest for Magdalena, was Peter's mother and his sister.
Re: Csatad: AKA: Lenauheim: http://www.dvhh.org/lenauheim

Grigolor, Magdalena (Grigolo) age 50 - June 10, 1912 -  born Mihaly from Temesvar, Hungary
traveling with daughter
Grigolor, Katarina age 20. Both born in Mehala.  Son in law Janos (J/T???) back home in Ferenczváros.  Joining husband Josef in Brooklyn NY.
Re: Ferenczváros : AKA: Mehala:

Note: maiden name was "Ludwig"

Weigl(s) of Bruckenau



Bruckenar, Roumania





Bruckenar, Roumania




Bruckenan, Hungary





Bruckenar, Roumania





Bruckenau, Hungary




Peter Götz Family

German: Kleinbetschkerek | Official: Becicherecul-Mic | Hungarian: Kisbecskerek | variant: Betschkerek

Radix Finds in Temes Country, Hungary


The only info about Josef Grigolo I was able to get from my Grandfather before he died (1993) was he raised Lippizaner horses and "Hitler took away the farm and he died in the gutter."  I don't know what my chances are of finding he and Magda at the Mehala cemetery, but you gotta start somewhere.

I've seen Grigolor, Gricola, and Grigolo through my research.  But it was Grigolo, at least as far back as great-grandfather.   Once in the US, it was changed to Krigolo, which made research here pretty easy since they were the ONLY Krigolos in the US!  There's only (1) left...my Great-Uncle Peter Krigolo (Grandfather's brother) in Pennsylvania (where I'm originally from).

A Toth Jainos or Tainos (son-in-law of Josef and Magdalena Grigolo).  I don't know anything about him, just mentioning in case it rings a bell.

My Trip to Mehala
May - 2005

by Kyle S. Goodmann

Mehala Catholic Church May -2005
Mehala Cemetery 2005

I went to the Zefir Pensiune [bed & breakfast] upon arrival and they couldn't find my reservation and NO ONE spoke English or German!  As luck would have it, an employee from the Zefir went across the street and arranged a room for me at the residence of "Cornelius Dragan."

     Cornelius is a Canadian citizen from Ontario!  He is of Romanian descent, left Romania at age 15 and returned part time about 5 years ago.  He's a building contractor and is jumping on the development boom by building Canadian/U.S. style houses in Romania.  He's built close to 600 already!  Cornelius speaks perfect English and Romanian and knows the area's history very well and is himself a very interesting fellow.  He's also in the process of turning his LARGE house [which he just built himself] into a pension, which has I believe 6 units.  At the time I was there only one room was finished and that's the one I stayed, in which was very nice.  His wife, Juliana, was a professional cook and she prepared breakfast and dinner for me every night.

     Thanks to Cornelius and Juliana's incredible generosity and hospitality and driving me around, I was able to visit every village I wanted to go to.  Once in the villages we were able to enlisted the help of locals to ask about my relatives.  Everywhere we went he was able to make some calls and/or talk with locals to put me in touch with the local Germans.  Cornelius was indispensable!  Also with his job he has many influential contacts in Timisoara.  He introduced me to one of the higher ups at the Romanian phonebook company, from whom I obtained a Timis county phonebook, not easy to come by as I understand. 

      I was there for only 4 days, he agreed to continue to search some leads for me and is going to city hall to investigate further. Cornelius, an incredible guy!

We went to Kleinbetschkerek [German] Becicherecul-Mic (Official], where the Catholic Cemetery was in BAD shape, completely overgrown.  Many of the names were difficult to read due to erosion and again found no familiar names, but a great experience. 

Visit to Lenauheim - May 2005
by Kyle Goodmann


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