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STEMPER Mehala / Ferenczváros
:  Baratzhausen
Siget?/Szeged?/to Austria

     Anton STEMPER, married Julinana FATZINGER or FASTINGER, whose Mother was from the ALSACE region.  Anton was known to be a silk weaver and played the trumpet in the village band. JULIANA died in childbirth in 1887/1888 leaving 2 daughters, infant JULIANA and   ANNA 7.  ANTON married a second time to ELISABETH (last name??).  They immigrated to McKees Rocks, PA, USA in April 1903 with daughters JULIANA 13 yrs & ELISABETH 7 yrs.  They were joining uncle Anton ENGELMANN.

     He was a musician & silk tailor & naturalist who had raised his own silk worms while in Europe. He brought his new wife, daughters, Elizabeth (Lizzie), Anna and Julia . Unfortunately his wife was unhappy and persuaded him to return to Austria within 3 years. They left behind his daughters Anna and Julia who stayed in Amerca,  While in Harmony area they had made friends with a family Engelman, Tony, Hans, Margaret , I believe the daughter Margaret married a funeral director in the early 1930's.

     STEMPER, his wife and youngest daughter Elisabeth returned to Hungary around 1905.  In a letter postmarked FERENCVAROS, he wrote to ANNA & husband KARL TIX (DIX) winter of Dec 1910 or Jan 1911, stating the Grandmother had died; but the name of the Grandmother is unknown. The letter also made mention of a female relative who lived in Baratzhausen. 
(Read translated letter)

    Searching for information on FRIEDMANN a photography studio in Temesvar 1880's to 1920's. Have original photo taken of a woman in traditional garb which came from my Great Aunt Anna Stemper's belongings.  Click images to enlarge . . .

9 Jun 1903 immigration to US

Anton Stember age 45. b 1858, Elisabeth Stember b 1868, Elisabeth Stember b 1897, Juliana Stember b 1888

Last Residence: Temesvar, going to McKees Rock PA, Joining friend (crossed out & Uncle written) Antal Engelmann

Baltimore via Bremen, Germany - Ship: Neckar

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Passenger Records at Ellis Island - whose last residence was Mehala:  

Stemper,Anna age 22 - 11 Sep 1905 from Temesvar - joining father Anton in NY

Engelmann,Anna age 28 - 1909 - from Mehala - father Johann Tissler in Temeswar at n. Lagh (St.?) - joining husband Max Englemann in NY

Church Baptismal Records:

Karolus Tix, was born on August 5th, 1883. He was baptized on August 5th, 1883. The parents were; Carolus Tix and Magdalena Stemper. The godparents were, Karolus Ketz and Barbara Schneider. He was baptized in the village of Baratzhausen, Banat.

Engelmann Peter, * 1908, Warjasch, died in Russia, in WW-II; Engelmann
Johann, *03.11.1904, Warjasch, died in labour camp Stalino, Ukraine. (have photo of John). 

Giel Johann, * 20.11.1921, Warjasch, died in WW-II; Giel Michael, * 1921, Warjasch, died in Russia, in

*Information provided by Alex Leeb

"Banater Post" Newspaper, June 5, 2005
Village Gro-Jetscha, - Elisabeth Stemper, nee Tix, celebrated her 85th birthday on June 13th, in Erbach im Odenwald, Germany.  *Information provided by Alex Leeb

Address: Cal Aradului, Nr. , Sc. , Etaj , Apart. , TIMISOARA, 360, 300290, Phone: 256.283805



**writing on back left side: My family for the heartfelt memories from Barbara Lormrich

Right side: from my yard dear cousins, please send a photo from all of you thank you very much, don't forget. Greetings.

Believe to be Grandmother STEMPER,
unk Woman & Anton STEMPER

Anna STEMPER-TIX/DIX ca 1900

Grandmother & unk relative

Anna STEMPER-TIX/DIX [R] & unk relative [L]

Karolus (Karl) Dix/Tix b. 1884 Baratzhausen, wife Anna Stemper b. 1881. Niece Sylvia (Tilbach) Young b. 1908 PA. - Father George Tilbach & mother Julianna (Stemper) b. 1888 Temesvar region. Father Anton Stemper & Mother Julianna (Fatzinger) Stemper

The front of a postcard where the woman inquires about Sylvia and if she is doing well in school.



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