Neu Slankamen (German)
Novi Slankamen, Serbia (Official)
 Village Coordinator:
 Walter K Borecki

Village at a glance . . .
  • Novi Slankamen, Serbia is located in the municipality of Inđija, Syrmia District, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Novi Slankamen is situated about 15 kilometers east of Inđija, on the bank of Danube (Dunav)
  • DVHH Village Coordinator: Walter K Borecki

Visit to Novi Slankamen 2006
by Walter K. Borecki

Two Policeman, I'm not in uniform

Two buses left Braunau Austria for Neu Slankamen on June 2nd arriving near Beska on Friday night. We stayed at two hotels on the Danube. The buses were met by a representative of the Serbian tourist bureau and he stayed with us the whole time. We took our rental so we could travel on our schedule. 

Our Group

The first night after our diner we were entertained by a local band. Saturday we went to Neu Slankamen. We were greeted by the town officials as well as many of the townspeople.

We had a special mass at the Catholic church. Our group donated $1,000 Euros to the church. After mass we were treated to desserts by the church women. We were also presented with a painting of our church will be displayed at our museum in Braunau. 

Church Alter   Interior of Church

We then went to the cemetery, unfortunately it had started to rain and I could not take many pictures.  

The buses then went into the village where people could wander around and look at their old homes.  Many people were welcomed into their old homes for a look see. 

We were fortunate that we still has Croatian friends who decided to stay after the last conflict. One has the house next to ours and the other has their home just down the street. 

Our First House   Second House

We also found out our house had been purchased by a German who had married a Bosnian Serb and we were given a complete tour. They are restoring the house to its original condition and we will be providing pictures from the 1940's. 

I was fortunate to find the old cemetery but could not explore it because of the rain. This cemetery has not been maintained for over 60 years. 

Catholic Cemetery   Our Family Tomb

In the evening we were treated to a talent show at the town hall by the young children and teenagers. I was very impressed on all the performances.


Sunday was a day of touring the village again or going to Belgrade. We stayed and toured our old house and were treated to a feast by our old neighbors. 

At the end of the day we toured the fire hall which had been started by our German ancestors in the 1930's. The plaque they had erected was thrown out but was found in the town dump and brought back. As the person stated this is also part of our history.  

As you might imagine this area is still very economically poor and they welcome any visitors and their money.  

Street Scenes

Street Scenes

The only problem we had was in our hotel there were two weddings, on Saturday and Sunday night so we had very little sleep. If you are going to stay in the area always check to see if there is a wedding.

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