Village of Obresch
in Syrmia

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Obresch / Obrež

Coordinates: 44.7361 N, 19.9722 E - 24.9 miles WSW of Beograd

Obresch, called Obrež now, formerly also Obriex, is a small village in Serbia. It is situated in the Pečinci municipality of the Srem District, Vojvodina province. It is nestled along the Sava River with the Obedska Bara between Obresch and it’s neighbor Kupinovo. Most of the Donauschwaben families were first settled in the Batschka or Banat areas before seeking more room and migrating into the Syrmien area. The first Germans settled in Obresch about 1860 - 1865. Living and working peacefully side by side with their Serbian and Hungarian neighbors. According to a 2002 census there is now a Serb majority living there with a population of 1,400 people.

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See Obresch - “Surtschin” Ortsbiografie der deutschen Minderheit eines Dorfes in Syrmien
By Michael Schmidt – 1980, translated by Roy Engel on the History page.

Journey to Freedom 1850-1943

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Obresch - Then and Now

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Map provided by Dr. Jakob Zeller - author of the book "Obresch"

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