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On these pages researchers will find historical information about this German-Hungarian village in Tolna province.

This information is intended especially for those who are researching their Danube Swabian family history.

From about four hundred German settlements in Hungary, Mucsi was one of only twenty-four which were repopulated after the 150 year long Turkish occupation. The new settlers were peasants and artisans from around Fulda in the Hessen province of Germany and were described as Stifollers - from Stift Fulda. They undertook the major part of the reconstruction of the almost entirely destroyed country and established a high standard of agricultural and industrial society.

From Beiträge zur Volkskunde der fuldischen Gemeinde Mutsching/Mucsi in der Schwäbischen Türkei by Wendelin Hambuch, (Budapest: Tankönyviadó, 1989), p 231.

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