in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Zsadány / Cornesti

Zsadány / Cornesti is on the outskirts of the village of Mercydorf, in the Banat region of Romania. Once this was part of Hungary. Below are the nameplace variants for this area, not really a village, and certainly not a town:

German: Saden, Schadan
Official: Cornesti, Romania
Hungarian: Zsadány, Zsadani, Mezözsadány
Variants: Jadani

[Note: not the Zsadány located Békés county in Hungary]



Current Local Map

Below: Report of the Annual Meeting by British Association for the Advancement of Science - 1876
J. Murray, Published 1876 Science - Original from the University of Michigan 1875
Observations of Luminous Meteors, 1875, March 31, between 3 and 4 p.m. - Zsadány, Temesvar, the Banat, Hungary:


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