in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Jakoby & Buschauer
Families of Mercydorf

Researcher: Mary West

Well this is the extent of the foreign-born relatives that I know of.  All of this is part of my Dad's mother's lineage (my 89 year old grandma, the only grandparent who is still living and doing well!).  I have talked to her a lot about this and she was the one who gave me all of the names and info, but she doesn't remember too much else about it.  Well it's a start! The internet has been wonderful, I wouldn't have known so much good info without all of the web resources.  There is still so much I plan to do, even just all of the leads on George's ship manifest are great!  

JAKOBY, Michael 9/2/1887
JAKOBY, Joseph (Michael's brother so around same age)
JAKOBY, Peter (Father - died 1918)
JAKOBY, Mary (Mother)

BUSCHAUER, Katie 4/21/1893 - Social Security Application shows she wrote she was born in Temesuar, Hungary
BUSCHAUER - Joseph, Michael, Bertha (Katie's siblings)
BUSCHAUER, George (Father - died in 1917) - I found him on Dave's ship list site! It stated he came over in 1906 from Mercydorf on the ship Amerika at age 54 - that he came with son Josef (11 yrs old) to join son Michael Buschauer.  This is the very first time I saw the name "Mercydorf" and I got really excited!  A lot of good info here! MAYER, Marie (Katie's mother).

     I am also curious to find out the German towns my ancestors came from.  This fact has also been passed down - my grandmother's and grandfather's great-great-grandparents both migrated to Hungary in the 1830s from the Black Forest area of Germany.

So many leads, so little time!  

Researcher: Mary West 2004-06




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