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Weber & Ruh/Uhr
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My great grandmother Maria Weber immigrated from Hungary before 1907 She was born 3/4/1884.  From her death certificate I was able to obtain her parents names: Jacob Weber and Elisabeth Ruh (Uhr).  I cannot find her immigration record anywhere. She had a brother Sanders/Sonders/Alexander Weber born March 21, 1887.  I found his passenger record of 1914, he was traveling with a Janos Niklas, notated they were step brothers.

Maria Weber married John (Gunder) Gunther (born around 1879) in 1908 in College Point New York.  John's parents were Peter (Gunder) Gunther and Anna Gutekunst. They had three children in New York and then moved back to Hungary (Roumania) in 1914/15. (Timosoria) My grandmother Julia Anna Weber Gunther moved back to College Point around 1928. They got her mother Maria Weber out of Roumania around 1948. I am not sure where the Gunther's originated from, but I feel sure it was Hungary.

Maria Weber's parents names were Elisabeth Ruh/Uhr her father's name is Jacob Weber. These names were on Maria Weber's death certificate. I know she immigrated here before 1907.

Elisabeth most likely remarried according to the passenger record Sonders Weber mentioning his step brother Janos Niklas.

I have attached the WWII registration card for Alexander Weber (Sanders Weber) which gives his birth date  3/21/1887. His Ellis Island immigration record on October 10, 1910 says he is from Mercydorf. (Merciflavia) It also shows his step brother Janos Niklas, b. 1884, residence Mercydorf.  Step father was Johann Niklas.

Maria Weber, all I have is her death certificate that states her birth date as 3/4/1884. I know she was born in Hungary I assumed that if her brother was from that town so was she. Maybe the Ellis Island record for Sonders is not correct however it is the correct birth year and it states he was born in Mercifalva. I believe that, that is Mercydorf.

When she moved back in 1915 they went to Timisoara. Is it possible that they moved around back then and maybe she was born there and they moved to Mercydorf?

My Grandfather Mathias Schreiber came from Hildagest in 1907 with his mother Elisabeth (Dill). It looks as if they were going to visit his father Georg in Chicago. They went back to Hungary in 1909 and then he returned in 1922. His brother Josef Schreiber came over in 1914.

Note: Bruckenau located in Banat, Hungary; Hungarian variant: Hidásliget.

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