in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Schlesinger, Kraus & Svoboda
Families of Mercydorf

of John Schlesinger

I don't think my relatives were in Mercydorf before 1840 or so, but they could have been.  The came from Silesia, which at one time was part of the Prussian Empire.  That area is now part of Poland.  I wonder if there are any other German families who came to Mercydorf from that area.  A lot of history still is hiding in that little village.

After being in America for just two years, my Grandfather became the only town barber.

My Father's parents, he & his sister. L-R: John A. Schlesinger, John A. Schlesinger, Sr., Katherine Schlesinger, Theresa Schock Schlesinger.

Schlesinger grave in Mercydorf

The graves don't take long to become unrecognizable if they are not kept up. This problem must be apparent for others who have relatives from there. As you can see it already has signs of being grown over.

My Great Grandparents John Schlesinger - Katherina Schlesinger/1924

Eva Schlesinger Baumgartner & Edna Baumgartner

Port of Fiume, used by my relatives as a port of departure, as well as many other Hungarians.

The bottom post card, was sent by my grandfather John Schlesinger to my grandmother Theresa Schock while he was courting her.

My 94 year old aunt claims that was a tradition of sorts. I would be interested to know if that were true or just a family rumor.

Barber shops in those days were almost as popular a meeting place as saloons. Men had their hair cut professionally, women did their hair at home.

My grandfather John Schlesinger worked in this barber shop for about 15 years. So the barber shop is circa late 1890's. The barber shop also included a shoe shine shop & where hats were blocked.


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