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Berweiler, Schmidt, Philippi, Majer, Reinert, Barth, Tullius, Lux Families of Mercydorf

by Bruce Paquette

by Bruce Paquette

October 6,1884  Eva Schmidt Is Born

Eva Schmidt (my maternal grandmother) was born in Mercydorf, Temes County, Hungary.  She was the 6th child of Joannes Schmidt and Elizabeth Heckler.  Eva had three older sisters: Aurelia (step-sister), Christina, and Magdalena.  Christina visited Eva in America, but then returned to Hungary and died in Arad in 1962.  Magdalena died in Timisoara in 1966.  Aurelia married Josef Löher in Mercydorf January 18, 1892 and they immigrated to America in 1904.  Eva also had four other sisters and one step-brother who all died before the age of seven. 

February 23, 1885  Joseph Berweiler Is Born

Joseph Berweiler (my maternal grandfather) was born in Mercydorf, Temes County, Hungary also.  He was the 7th of 9 children of Mihaly Berweiler and Anna Phillippe.  The first four of their children died within 2 years of birth.  The last five children however survived to old age and all emigrated to America.  Joseph had two older sisters (Katherine and Rose) and two younger sisters (Elizabeth and Susan). 

1894  Eva Works in Temeswar

Eva become a domestic servant at the age of 10 to a family in Temeswar, Hungary after her father (a farmer) was injured in a clay-pit collapse while helping a friend.  He was not able to continue farming.


Eva Schmidt at age 20, about one year after her arrival in America.  This picture was taken at The Harlem photo studio located at the SW corner of 124th Street and 3rd Avenue in today’s East Harlem.

May 9, 1903  Joseph Arrives in America

Joseph Berweiler arrived in New York City at age 18 aboard the SS. Furst Bismarck of the Hamburg America Line  The SS. Furst Bismarck had departed from Hamburg, Germany on 29 April and arrived at the Port of New York on 8 May.  Pass­engers were processed by Immigration on Ellis Island on 9 May.  It appears from the ship log that grandfather traveled alone to America.



October 23, 1903  Eva Arrives in America

Eva Schmidt arrived in New York City at the age of 19 aboard the SS. Graf Wal­dersee of the Hamburg America Line.  The SS. Graf Waldersee had departed from Hamburg, Germany on October 9th.  Grandmother traveled with a small group of young women from Mercydorf.  Eva did house work in New York City before marrying.





January 26, 1907  Berweiler Wedding

Joseph Berweiler and Eva Schmidt were married at Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church, 228 East 113th Street, Man­hat­tan, New York City.  The church rectory is located at 226 East 113th Street.  According to their New York City marriage license, they were living at 254 East 125th Street, Man­hat­tan, at the time of the wedding.  Wit­nes­ses to the marriage were John Mayer and John Unti.  A cer­tificate of the Holy Sacra­ment of Matrimony was obtained from Our Lady Queen of Angels.

Joseph worked in a piano factory in New York City (maybe carving the wood parts for pianos).  He had worked as a car­pen­ter in Mercydorf before leaving for America.  They were also super­intend­ents of an apart­ment building.

December 30, 1907  Rose is Born

Rose Berweiler (my mother) was probably born at 611 East 140th Street, Bronx, New York City.  Eva and Joe moved to this address sometime shortly after their wedding in January 1907 and Rose’s birth.  No New York City birth record has been found for Rose after searching the years 1906-1908 for all New York City boroughs.  On Rose’s Baptism record (see next item), it lists her birth date as this date.  My mother presented evidence to the Probate Court of Wayne County, Michigan and on October 29, 1946 the court issued a ‘Deter­min­ation of the Time and Place of Birth’.


The wedding photo of Joseph Berweiler and Eva Schmidt.  Married 27 Jan 1907 at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Manhattan, NY.  Both immigrated from Mercydorf in 1903 but did not know each other until meeting in New York City.


This picture taken about June 1908 shows my mother Rose Berweiler at 6 months and grandmother Eva Berweiler at age 24.  The Berweiler family was probably living at 611 East 140th Street, Bronx, NY at the time.

January 22, 1908  Rose is Baptized

Rose was baptized on this date at St. Luke’s Catholic Church, 623 East 138th Street, Bronx, New York by Rev. J. Hackett.  The sponsors were Joseph Jowovej(?) and Rose Paobealal(?).  St. Luke’s was the closest Catholic church to 611 East 140th Street; only 2 blocks away.  A Certificate of Baptism has been obtained from the church. 

March 23, 1909  Eva is Born

My aunt Eva Berweiler was born at 611 East 140th Street, Bronx, New York City.  A New York City birth record has been obtained and a request sent to St. Luke’s Catholic church for a possible baptismal record. 

1909-1910  NYC Directory

The 1909-10 New York City directory (Manhattan & Bronx) lists;

Berweiler, Jos   Pianomkr  h 611th E 140th

(Notes: The 'h' means a house, not an apartment.) This was the only 'Berweiler' listed in directory.  There however is no 'Berweiler' listed in the 1910-11 directory probably because the family had returned to Mercydorf for a visit.

About April 1909 - Aug 1910  First Trip Back

Sometime after Eva was born, the Berweiler family returned to Mercydorf, Hungary.  Joseph hoped to establish a woodworking trade or buy land but was not successful.

September 8, 1910  Return to America

The Berweiler family (Joseph, Eva, Rose and Eva) arrives back in New York City onboard the SS. President Lincoln and processed through Ellis Island. 

October 2, 1911  Joe is Born

My uncle Joseph Berweiler, Jr. was born in New York City at 1572 Vysebor.  I have not been able to determine from his birth certificate what borough the address was located in or find the address on today’s maps.

About November 1913  Second Trip Back

The Berweiler family made a second visit to Mercydorf, Hungary.  Joseph was again trying to establish a woodworking trade and/or buy land.  He was told by the Mercydorf mayor to return to America because war was coming in Europe.


April 5, 1914  Return to America

The Berweiler family arrived back in New York City from Mercydorf onboard the SS. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria of the Hamburg-America Line. 

April 1914-1915  Move to Michigan

It is unknown exactly when or why the Berweiler family moved from New York City to Springwells (now Dearborn), Wayne County, Mich­igan.  While in Springwells they lived in a rented house on Cabot Street, two blocks off Michigan Ave. 

March 10, 1915  Kate is Born

My aunt Katherine (Kate) Berweiler was born in Springwells, Michigan. 

This picture of the Berweiler Family was taken in New York City during March 1912.  Left to Right: Eva (age 3) – Eva (age 27) – Joseph Jr. (age 6 months) – Joseph (age 27) – Rose (age 5).
The picture shows the family after returning from their first visit to Mercydorf and before their second trip in late 1913.

1915-17  Working For Ford

Joe, and a friend Jack Slabik, initially worked at the Ford plant located on Oakland Avenue near McNichols Road in Detroit.  Because they were both skilled cabinet-makers, they were soon recruited by Ford to work on the Henry Ford #1 Farm near Springwells making furniture.

1917  The Move to Allenton

The Berweiler family moved from Springwells, Michigan to a rented house in Allenton, Berlin Township, St. Clair County, Michigan.  Joseph already knew someone in the Allenton area and believing he had TB, the country air would cure him.  As it turned out, he did not have TB.  Joseph ran a milk pickup route taking milk cans from local farms to the cooling station in Almont, Michigan.  The milk was then shipped via the Interurban Street Car to Detroit.  He also hired-out to tend the sugar beet crop on local farms. 

May 30, 1921  Eva Dies

Eva Berweiler died at 7:00 pm at the family’s Allenton, Michigan home.  She was 12 years ago.  The death certificate stated she died from heart disease caused by Rheumatic Fever 3 months earlier.  The viewing was held in the front room of their home in Allenton.  Burial was June 1, 1921 at the West Berlin Cemetery about .5 mile northwest of Allenton.

1921 Mid to Late  First Car

Joseph bought the family it’s first car after a neighbor charged then $50 to drive Eva into Detroit to see Dr. Adolph Gronow when she was sick with Rheumatic Fever. 

Jun 1922  Grade School Graduation

Rose Berweiler graduated from the Allenton Grade School which was located a few 100 yards away along the Almont Road.  The school was later remodeled into a private home and still exists today (2005).  However, the rental house that the family lived in was torn down long ago. 

Early 1925  Farming in Allenton

Berweiler family moved from the rented house in Allenton to a 40 acre farm a short distance away.  Joseph believed that by owning a farm he could make a better living.  He also leased and worked two additional 40 acre plots from nearby farms.  At that time most of the farms in the area raise ‘sugar beets’ which require a lot of stoop labor and work on the knees.

Jun 1925  Joe Jr. Grade School Graduation

Joe Berweiler, Jr. graduates from the Allenton Grade School. 

June 18, 1926  High School Graduation

Rose Berweiler graduated from Almont High School, Almont, Lapeer County, Michigan.  The senior class had 12 members and after graduation the class took a camping trip to Niagara Fall. 

April 19, 1927  Rose Completes Secretarial Course

After high school graduation my mother Rose completed a secretarial course at the Detroit Business University, 411 West Grand River Avenue in Detroit and received her diploma. 

1927  Rose’s First Job

After receiving her secretarial diploma, Rose got a position with Kurth & Knapp Manufacturing Company located in the rear of 3527 East Canfield Ave., Detroit.  The company did steel fabrication and had the following officers:

Murray V. Knapp: President;  William J. Kurth: Vice President;  Glen E. Couse: Secretary-Treasurer.

Shortly after starting work at Kurth & Knapp, Rose met Cyril D. Paquette (my father) a young draftsman and estimator with the company.  They started dating shortly thereafter..

June 4, 1929  Rose & Cyril Marry

Rose Berweiler and Cyril Paquette were married at St. John’s Catholic Church, Allenton, St. Clair County, Michigan.  The marriage ceremony was said by Pastor John R. Pakes(?) with Louise Paquette and Joe Berweiler Jr. as witnesses.

Jun 1929  Kate’s Grade School Graduation

Kate Berweiler graduates from the Allenton Grade School. 

Jun 1929  Joe Jr.’s High School Graduation

Joe Berweiler, Jr. graduates from Almont High School, Almont, Michigan. 

1930-1931  Detroit Directory

R. L. Polk’s 1930-31 Detroit City Directory lists:

Paquette, Cyril D. (Rose)   Sheet Metal Estimator

   h 4674 Ashland Ave  (The ‘h’ indicates a house.)

8 Jun 1930  Albert Paquette is Born

Albert Paquette is born in Detroit to Rose and Cyril. 

March 16, 1932  Joseph Dies

At age 47 years and 23 days, my grandfather Joseph Berweiler died on the Berweiler farm.  Burial was March 18, 1932 at the West Berlin Cemetery about .5 mile northwest of Allenton.  The Michigan death certificate states the principle causes of death were:

Coronary Embolism  (Duration 15 hrs)

Chronic Myocarditis (Duration 10 yrs) 

10 May 1932  Donald Paquette is Born

My brother Donald Paquette is born in Detroit to Rose and Cyril.

With the death of my grandfather, it was decided that the family would move to the city.  Being in the middle of the Great Depression, there were no buyers for the farm and the farm was finally traded for a multi-family house located in Highland Park, Michigan. 

February 12, 1935  Joe and Neva Are Married

Joseph Berweiler, Jr. and Neva Graham (d/o Earl Clifford Graham and Gena Belle Ornsby) are married in Highland Park, Michigan with James Thomson and ___ Thomson as witnesses. 

December 12, 1935  Richard is Born

Richard Berweiler is born to Joe and Neva. 

December 5, 1936  Kate & Joe Are Married

Katherine Berweiler and Joseph Sabo (s/o Charles Sabo and Barbara Kanyasi) are married in Highland Park, Michigan with Rose and Cyril Paquette as witnesses.










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