in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Hamm, Ziegler, Fridrich/Friedrich

Researcher: William J. Nelson

Family Story

Researching my mother's side of the family, my Great Grandmother Anna (Ziegler) Hamm B. 1899 - D. 1999, was born in Merczifalva Hungary per her Ellis Island paperwork (from 1911) and death certificate N.Y. State.  It seems Frank Hamm (her husband) was also born in Hungary but we do not have much information on him.   I have one picture of him from the 1920 in upstate NY.
Anna's father was John Ziegler, her mother was Anna (Friedrich) Ziegler. Per Ellis Island they also came over but I cant find where the lived or are buried. There are about 2 dozen large cemeteries to research in upstate area plus however many small ones.

Pics of my Great Grandmother Anna and her mother (also Anna). There were taken from the early 1920s to 1940s in the US. I also have some Ziegler, Hamm, and Friedrich in one group shot taken 1919 in Nassau NY. 

Anna (Friedrich) Ziegler's mother was Elisabeth Friedrich who stayed behind in Mercydorf. On this site is a tombstone of a Friedrich.  Does anyone have a connection?  Are there still Friedrich still living in Mercydorf? How about Ziegler's?

I have noticed 2 other names that have popped up in my extended family tree. Bode and Feilles but they look like from marriages and from other back grounds.

About Frank Hamm

All I know about Frank is that he was born 1898  + or - 2 yrs. in Mercydorf. Came over wit his older brother around 1911-1913. Can't find Ellis Island records of him. he died in the 50s. My grand mother did not speak of her father much. she was pre-teen when Anna Left him because he drank and was violent. His older brother had a son he is still alive in upstate New York. I can call him and see what I can learn. I don't know his parents name. I not even a 100% sure he was born in Mercydorf he could have been born near by in another village. All I was told his that he was from the same area.

Josef Hamm and his wife Alissa had 2 boys in Mercydorf, Martin Hamm and Frank Hamm.

Martin Hamm had 5 kids, Flo, Judy, George, Frank and Martin

Frank had 2 daughters with Anna Hamm (Ziegler) that we know of. Possible more with 2nd wife

Rose J Hamm (later became Howland) 

Katherine Hamm 

Frank Hamm is buried in Potters field on Harts Island in NYC

This is George the son and middle child of Martin Hamm. I don't know why the last name changed. I will ask him why.  Hannan, George M Flushing, NY

Anna Ham (Ziegler) had an older sister Katherine Tolcser (Ziegler) She had one Daughter

Dolores (Lori) Blow (Tolcser) Husband is Ozzie Ballston Spa, NY

George and Lori are 1st Cousins to Rose Howland

Family Information

My Great Grandmother
Anna Ziegler born
1899 Mercydorf
Mother: Anna Friedrich
Father: Johann Zeigler
Siblings: Leonard, Franz, Rosina
Immigrated to US 1911
Married Frank Hamm
Died 1999

Grandmother Elizabeth Friedrich (Bode)

Uncle Frank Friedrich
Aunt Elizabeth Feillen (Friedrich)
Aunt Katarina Friedrich
Cousin Teresa Remy (Ziegler)
Cousin Rose Ardelean (Friedrich)
Cousin Jacob Friedrich

William J. Nelson 2006

Zeigler Research Directory


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