in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Compiled by Jody McKim 2003, assisted by Noelle Giesse locating the missing records

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"Our Mercydorf Ancestors" ..... Where did they go? ..... Hundreds of our Donauschwaben ancestors came to the US through the golden door of Ellis Island. ..... Lady Liberty was unveiled in October 1886 & has greeted all immigrants into Ellis Island, announcing that their journey to the "land of the free" has finally come to an end. ....... But for so many of our Ancestors who came, there was a price to pay. ..... Some would never return to their homeland & some never to see their families & friends again. ..... Yet they journeyed across the ocean, slept in steerage & some died along the way. ....  Yes, the Donauschwaben were a determined people, with dreams of a better way of life for themselves & their future generations to come. ...... Let us not forget our "Mercydorf Travelers in time" ......

Bremen Passenger Lists 1920 - 1939 | Mercydorf records (and variant spellings)

Mercydorfs' World Travelers Record Search

The entries were compiled by researching at the Ellis Island site using various spellings for Mercydorf. The located entries were then compared to Dave Dreyer's Mercydorf Extraction List and there are about 22 records still not located. If you have one of these records, please send me the exact spelling, date and last residence as shown at the Ellis site and I will add it to the main alpha list. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of Mercydorf passengers. 

This list was compiled to assist you in locating your people at the Ellis Island website. Since many names were spelled incorrectly, it can be difficult to locate a record. Sometimes you have to enter a name exactly as it is recorded to get a hit. The results are from searching by variant spellings for Mercydorf and by each alpha letter for a surname, as well as by ship.

Feb-26-1906 was a very good day! Look at all the Mercydorfers traveling together! 

Ship Data: Pictures & Drawings Sample

Information for the ship your Donauschwaben ancestors journeyed on immigrating to the US, provided by request.  Contact: John Schlesinger

Special thanks to Noelle Giesse for her assistance in locating the missing passengers.

By David Dreyer and Anton Kraemer

Credits to David Dreyer

Thanks to David who provided to us early on the emigration records for so many of our Donauschwaben ancestors, long before the Ellis Site came to be on the WWW. Now with the help of Dr. Stephen Morse's search format "One Step" and the "town name" tool we are able to retrieve many new entries adding to Dave list

We hope this may help locate your missing passengers who entered through Ellis.

Happy Hunting, Jody McKim

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