Kowatschi (German)
Kowatsch (German)
Temeskovácsi (Hungarian)
Covacita Temeskovacsi (Hungarian)
Temes-Kovácsi (Hungarian)
Temeskovacs (Other)
Covaci, Romania (Official)


Kowatschi is located in the county of Timis Judet, Romanian (Temes Megye (Hungarian), is a county of western Romania, in the historical region Banat, with the county seat at Timisoara, Temesvar (Hungarian) / (Temeschburg/Temeswar (German). It is the largest county in Romania.  

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Catholic Church:H l. Apostle Andreas
Branch of Sanktandreas*

In 1844-1863, the Catholic Church, "St. Apostle Andreas" was filial to Sanktandreas and from 1863-1913, filial to Jahrmarkt.

From 1861-1898, church services were held in a chapel in Kowatschi.

Their own church was built between 1895-1898 and was blessed on November 30, 1898. (Kirchweih)


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bulletVillage Chairman / H.O.G.Helmut Bernath, Edingen Germany

Village Coordinator: Linda Bautz McKenna

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