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Announcement: added February 2019

Contact: Jane Moore
Subject: 2019 Landesverband Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Canada

Hosted by a local Danube Swabian Club in America or Canada, this 3-day gathering is held every year in late August or early September. The festival attracts a large number of people of all ages.  Celebrate the food, dancing, music, and dress of our Donauschwaben ancestors.

Follow this link for a description and photos of the 2013 festivities near Detroit, Michigan, USA.


2019 Host
United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee

Date and Place
August 30-September 1, 2019
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

More Information
See United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee Facebook page

From United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee: "More details to come! Join us in Milwaukee as all the Donauschwaben clubs from the USA and Canada get together to celebrate friendship, culture, music, food, and dance."


Announcement: added May 2016
Carol Filippi
Subject: Schaljo (Chaliot) Family Research

Carol Filippi had done significant work on the origins of the Schaljo (Chaliot) family that lived in Klein Jetscha, tracing them back to the 1715 birth of Johann Philipp Chaliot in Bening-les-Harprich, Loraine.

(Click document to view complete Schaljo story.)


Question: added June 2009
Contact: Kathy Plourde

(Click photo to enlarge; click a second time to enlarge further.)

This class picture from Klein Jetscha dated 1913 includes my grandfather, Mathias Hui.  My grandmother wrote a note on the back that it was of all the children born in Klein Jetscha in 1906.
I've heard from one other person who recognized her grandfather in the photo.  Can anyone else identify a family member from this photo?
Thanks, Kathy


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