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The Szander Family

Researching family surnames: Szander (Sander) of Glogowatz and Ujpanat,
Porst, Steger, Reichert, Schneider, Schlee, Folcz, Freher, Lais (Leis),
Hettman, Lump and Hacker of Ujpanat.

by Susan Sander

The Why's of Genealogy by Susan Sander

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Mihaly & Sofia Reichert Szander & Family

Mihaly and Sofia Reichert Szander and their three sons, George, Paul and Frank arrived at Ellis Island on July 13, 1911 via the ship, Pannonia.  Their entire trip took twenty-one days.  Granny told stories of the ship stopping at Gibraltar because of problems with the ship's flag.  

My father, Frank, born and baptized at 353 Glogovat on October 29, 1910 learned to walk on the ship.  Granny remembered praying on deck everyday to see land.   

The family, sponsored by Sofia Szander's half-sister, Catherine Weisenburger, settled in College Point, New York.  

Another son, Matthew and a daughter, Sofia were born several years later.  Once settled they continued helping other family members come to America.   

In April of 1913 the Szander's sponsored Mihaly's sister, Anna.   More family members arrived in January of 1914 via the George Washington -   Ferencs Reichert (Sofia's uncle) and his son, Paul.  Arriving on the same ship were Paul Schlee and his wife, Magdalena Reichert (cousin to Sofia Reichert Szander).          

Sophie Sander
(daughter of Mihaly Sander and Sophia Reichert) &
Anna Sander
(sister of Mihaly Sander)  

Anna Szander was a half-sister to Michael Szander.  Their mother, Magdalena Szander, born in Ujpanat in 1850, was the daughter of Petrus Szander and Clara Lump.  Anna worked as a laundress in Temesvar.  Sponsored by her brother, Anna arrived in America from Temesvar at the age of 36 on April 16, 1913 via the ship, Pannonia.  She settled in College Point, New York and married Vincent Jung.  After his death, she married Johann Lorencz.  Anna remained childless and died circa 1945.     

Magdalena Szander was the mother of three children, Michael born in 1875, Anna born in 1878, and Magdalena born and died in 1881.  Following the death of the baby, Magdalena disappeared from town.  The children were told that she died.  Michael was sent to live with his godparents, Mihael Kuhn and Eva Hoffman, to live and work in their stables.  Anna was sent to Temesvar probably to live with her godmother, Anna Rausch.  Matthew Kuhn, a grandson of Michael Kuhn, taught him a little reading and writing and became his life-long friend.    Many years later in College Point, New York, Matthew Kuhn and his wife Sofia Putz, became the godparents to Matthew and Sophie, the children of Michael and Sofia Sander who were born in America. 

Barbara and Magdalena Reichert
daughters of Paulus Reichert and Barbara Groo of Glogowatz.
Additional information on the parents of these women:
Paulus Reichert - b. 1883  d. 1948 & Barbara Groo b. 1889  d. 1947
This picture is really amazing to me -
all the detail you can see on their outfits and shoes.


Barbara and Magdalena Reichert
"20 years later"
Judging by the scarves, it probably means they were married.

Marksteiner Family of Glogowatz 1933
(l-r): Unknown woman (standing), Johann Marksteiner,
Franz Marksteiner, (seated): Theresia Marksteiner and husband, Johann;
(standing in front): daughter, Theresia.
I believe this photo was taken in the "gang" which had been stenciled.  

Note: I have created Excel worksheets using baptismal records for each of these surnames.  The worksheets allow me to group families together showing baptismal dates, names of parents and godparents, marriage dates, etc.   While these worksheets contain hundreds of entries, they do not contain all the village families with the particular surname.   I will continue to add names as I find them.  I would be happy to share these worksheets with anyone researching these names.



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