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Welcome to the Village of Glogowatz....

In 1911, my ancestors came to America from Glogowatz, Hungary.  I am happy to offer my "helping hands" in your search for your Hungarian ancestors.  I am a beginner - perhaps with a few more months of searching than you but I have successfully traced several family lines to the mid1700's.  With all that is available, your chances of success are wonderful too.

I began my search when I discovered my father's birth and baptismal certificates.  Prior to the opening of the Ellis Island website, I started searching the internet.  To my surprise, I discovered Peter Schmidt's website - Village of Glogowatz.   and discovered the names of the many people who emigrated and landed in my own home town of College Point, New York.   There was no question about it - I was "hooked on genealogy"! 

If Glogowatz is the town where your ancestors were born, you are about to discover more about your family roots than you ever dreamed possible!    I have one regret - my interest in genealogy did not begin until after the death of my grandparents and father.   That has left many questions unanswered.  Yet I have learned so much since I started my quest. 

Undoubtedly, I have learned things that perhaps my grandparents did not know.  There is no doubt that their lives were difficult but my grandparents accepted these challenges, coming to America to start a new life for their family - living out their hopes and dreams.    It is impossible to know what was in their hearts - fear I'm sure but excitement and love too.   Their sons and daughter were blessed with the opportunity to live in America.  And for this, Mihaly and Sofia Reichert Sander will be remembered. 

I would like to dedicate my work on this Donauschwaben website to my own father, Frank Matthew Sander, and to all the Glogowatz families who came through the gates of Ellis Island -- may they never be forgotten! 

I would like for us to build on the portfolio of Families of Glogowatz. If you would like to submit your Glogowatz family story, data and photos, they will be placed on a special page created just for you. 


Read the interview with Susan at the DVHH Movers & Shakers

Glogowatz Village Information                    top                              

Town Names:
  • German: Glogowatz
  • Current Rumanian Name: Vladimirescu
  • Historical Rumanian Name: Glogovat
  • Hungarian: Othalom
  • Spelling variations: Glogowitz; Glogowatz, Glogovatz, Glogowaca   


4 km east of the city of Arad, Romania. 

Founded:  1765

Village name in FHL records:

Glogovatz, Othalom LDS Microfilm:

  •  1190291 - 1770-1809
  •  1190292 - 1810-1835  

CD's of Church records:

Through 1897 available on the Village of Glogowatz Homepage.
Contact: Peter Schmidt -



Families of Glogowatz                                top

If you would like to submit your Glogowatz family story, data and photos,
they will be placed on a special page created just for you.

Street map of Glogowatz (HOG of Glogowatz site) includes house numbers & street names.

Surnames - Information

Contact- Webpage  
Szander (Sander), Doerner/Dorner, Lump, Neu, Steger of Glogowatz and Ujpanat

Reichert, Schneider,Schlee, Freer/Frehr,Lais/Leiss, Umerlin, Hettman, Stolcz, Haiberger,Folcz, Weisenburger, Gruber, Kastner, Schmalbach, Schneider, Heinrich
of Glogowatz

Hacker(t); Wisber
of Ujpanat

Susan Sander

Dumelle - Family trip to Vladimirescu, Glogowatz, 2001 Doreen Kneller nee Dumelle

Straub from Glogowatz Diana Gale Matthiesen  
Schwager, Felcher (Felker, Fölcher, etc.), Reingruber, Schmaltz, Hoffmann, Pauer (Bauer), Stoltz
George Brettrager  


Glogowatz Village History                           top

The Last of the German Village Glogowatz by Anton Zollner - Original German version

The Village of Glogowatz website, Webmaster - Peter Alan Schmidt    

Banat immigrants who settled in College Point, New York

Photo Collection of the Glogowatz Municipality

The story of Conrad Poppenhusen who employed many Banaters at the American Hard Rubber Company he began in College Point, New York.  Read about the man and his good works.

Read about the history of College Point, New York.  Take a glance back in time and see the town that became a new home for many Banaters.  


Glogowatz Records & Reference                 top

Glogowatz Church Records:

  • On CD - Church Records 1770-1835 - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

  • On CD - Church Records, Baptisms 1836 - 1897

  • Marriages 1836 - 1897; Deaths  1836 - 1914

I would be happy to do a limited search on these CD's.  Please keep in mind,  they are indexed by month and year.   Time frames would be most helpful in finding any specific records.    

If you would like to obtain a copy of the CD's of Glogowatz Church Records, contact Peter Schmidt or visit his Village of Glogowatz website.   

Passenger Records:

David Dreyer's Database - 606 Extractions for the Village of: Glogowatz.   His emigration extractions from Banat, list 249 records of Banat immigrants who settled in College Point, New York.   



I have created Excel worksheets using baptismal records for each of these surnames.  The worksheets allow me to group families together showing baptismal dates, names of parents and godparents, marriage dates, etc.   While these worksheets contain hundreds of entries, they do not contain all the village families with the particular surname.   I will continue to add names as I find them.  I would be happy to share these worksheets with anyone researching these names.  Susan 

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Glogowatz Contacts & Media                       top

Walter Fissl Banat Videos:

#25 Glogowatz 1994 and #26 Glogowatz 100 year kermis

Homepage Der HOG Glogowatz

CD's of Church records:
Through 1897 available on the Village of Glogowatz Homepage. 
Contact: Peter Schmidt:



Glogowatz Village Photos                            top

People of Glogowatz

Village Scenes

Glogowatz 2001

Faschingsumzug mit Hansl und Gretl in Glogowatz.
Foto Hans Gehl, Glogowatz, 1985







People of Glogowatz                                   top

Baptism in Glogowatz

Glogowatz Church Group 1938

Kindergarden in Glogowatz 1923-1924

Shepards Play in Glogowatz





Village Scenes of Glogowatz                       top

Glogowatz Church - Kirchweih

Glogowatz City Hall

Funeral procession in Glogowatz

Glogowatz house - early 1990's The house is located on Str. Lenin No. 34 - now Romania

Typical street in Glogowatz (Vladimirescu)

Sidewalk in Glogowatz



Vladimirescu Glogowatz, 2001                    top
Courtesy of Doreen Kneller nee Dumelle, taken on a family trip.

'Glogowatz Shield' Represents the five hills of Glogowatz.

The first of the five hills of Glogowatz located on the outskirts of the town. The center marker is a crucifix.

The Old Glogovat Train Station - the only place where you will see the old spelling of Glogovat.

The Horse and Carriage, still a useful mode of transporting things and people.  Must be interesting to see cars & carriages on the streets.

The School House in Glogowatz

Inside view of the school Hans and Eva Dumele

are visiting their old school room.

Main altar of the Church

Altar of the Blessed Mother in the town church

Altar of the Sacred Heart in the town church

Inside view of the town church - beautiful!

Side view of Dumele house.  Note the grape trellis & a nice place to grow vegetables and flowers.

The Dumele family gravesite.

Many foundations have concrete slab coverings, with a marker. note: Foreground grave without slab covering, flowers could be grown in the space.

Currency --- 22 - 100,000 Lei - less than $100 American money.  $1.00 American = 28,500 Lei




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