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Makamul Kevin Mackamul


Marmon / Marmann Jody McKim


Wilk, Krebsz Chris Wilk


Schweifler, Them Brian Schweifler


Tischot Charlene Kull

Gusz, Maurer & Them Karie Moore

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Tischot & Family

of Charlene Kull

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Family Story....

My motherís parents came to Detroit, Michigan, from Hungary in the early 1900s.  They were Germans and (now I realize) Donauschwaben.  The father came first - Lorneck Tischot from Uj Szt. Peter, Hungary, in 1907. (27 years old) Three years later (1910), his wife and two daughters came from Fibisch, Hungary.  That would be Eva Tischot (26) and Ersebeth (5) and Maria (3).  Eva was born in Szt. Peter and the children were born in Fibisch.


Some time afterward Eva Tischot came to Detroit to join her husband, my mother was born in July of 1912.  After that, her father died (we donít know how), and her mother remarried - a man named Miller, and she had a son by him. Then the stepfather was killed by a trolley car in downtown Detroit. Then the mother died of TB. All this occurred before my mother turned 5.  So - all four children were scattered and my mother went from orphanage to foster home to orphanage, till a brother and sister took her in at the age of 8 or 9.


She never said much about her natural parents except that the name was Tischot and that they all died when she was little. Instead she concentrated on the good folks who took her in.


She did have contact with the siblings - but now - the oldest died of TB at 53, the second sister died 10 years ago in new Jersey, my mother died at the age of 59 from lung complications, having suffered from TB herself.  Perhaps still living is a half uncle who is out of touch completely now, last known he was in Michigan somewhere.


With my parents deceased and all the relatives on my motherís side gone, I had a real puzzle to solve in tracing the Tischot history.  Looking at the few photos we have from my parents and inscriptions on the back, I did manage to find a cousin (daughter of my motherís sister, Elizabeth) in Toronto.  Oh what a great phone conversation that was for both of us!


Her mother married a Ternes and she, the daughter) married a Becker.  She said that the folks who took her orphaned mother in, took them all back to Hungary where she lived till 1944, then they came to Toronto, Canada.  She did not know her grandmother Tichotís maiden name, but she knew they came from Fibisch.   She remembered an Uncle Pinel in New Jersey, who she thought was my grandmother Tischots brother and I did find his immigration records.  He was from Uz St. Peter. But the Ellis Island records say my grandmother had a brother or BIL named Franz Weber.  So I am still not certain if Eva Tischotís maiden name was Pinel or Weber or neither.


What makes this story even more interesting, is that my father (now deceased - John Wetzel) used to tell the story late in life about how he met my mother in a penmanship class at Cass Technical High School in Detroit and fell instantly in love with her.  He said that it wasnít till decades later that he learned that she came from a town across the river not far from his ancestors.

They (the Johann Wetzels) came from the Franztal area of Semlin, by the Danube, across from Belgrade. 


I always thought he didnít really know the truth and was just romanticizing.  Now, I see that, although Fibisch is about 120 miles away, it is in the Banat area and you have to cross the Danube to get there from Semlin! 


And - for the first time in my life, I have learned that I am pure ďDonauschwaben,Ē a term I didnít even know existed until this year!


Did my parents fall in love (not knowing their somewhat common ancestry) because they saw something in each other that was familiar and good?  Did I, as a through and through American, fall for my very American husband because of the man he is or did the fact that he had German roots make me more comfortable in a subliminal way. This is all interesting to think about.


My main brick wall is trying to discover more about the Tischot family in Fibisch.  I would also like to learn grandmotherís maiden name, was it Weber or Pinel?  Do I have any Tischot relatives in Romania today?  Is my half-uncle Karl Miller still alive and who are his descendants?  I heard a long time ago that he was researching the familyís ancestry.


 Charlene Kull

Eva & daughters:
Elizabeth, the oldest & Mary 

In this photo, it's pretty obvious it's Eva Tischot & her two daughters. I bet this was taken just before they departed for America.  The girls have matching dresses.  The bottom of the photo says "Lippa" (place taken?) and the photographer was Heimann Fs.  (Is FS. "brothers"?)

Eva & daughters

My Grandmother Eva with her four children, my mother is the little girl standing on the right lower side.

My poor grandmother around the age of 29 - so she would never have been called "grossmutter." Young thing that she was, she'd be shocked that a granddaughter was researching her.  Old as I am. ;-)

Her oldest daughter, Elizabeth married & lived in Toronto Canada & died of TB. She had two daughters.  My mother & her surviving sister, Mary, used to call them "the girls."  Their names were Elizabeth (Lisl) & Marie.  (Yes, named after their mother and her sister - confusing).  

Here is a photo of a wedding party standing by a tombstone, evidently they went from the wedding to the cemetery.  WOW! I looked at the tombstone with a magnifying glass & it reads "Ternes"  (my mother's sister Elizabeth married a Ternes) & also says "Heir Ruht Elizabeth Ternes GED Tischott (Two ts on the end) wuerdigethefrau und mudder am 26 July 1885 Fibisch Banat Gebople (?) NOV 1937 GESTOR  (The day of her death is blocked by flowers at the grave site.  By the wedding bouquets!  She was 53 & my mother died at 59. 

The tombstone is located somewhere in Toronto & inscripted on it is "Fibisch."  I have a photo from the same wedding that leads me to believe Marie married a man named Alex Becker.  Also in the photo are Marie Tsolitz & Gloria & Mr. Konig. Another  photo from the wedding says Ein biebes kleines Andengen von euhrer Marie and Alex.



Gusz, Maurer & Them Families

of Karie Moore

Margaretha GUSZ  b. Jan. 25, 1895 Catholic
Date of arrival in US May 30, 1911, place of residence Fibisch. 

  • Nicholas GUSZ (Margaretha's Father) b. Jan. 25, 1869 in Austria Hungary Catholic
    Date of arrival in US May 30, 1911, place of residence Fibisch.
    Nicholas GUSZ obit states a surviving brother John Gusz in Austria

  • Katherine GUSZ geb. Maurer (Margaretha's Mother) b. 1878, d. before emigration April 1, 1897. (Katherine's Father) Theodore MAURER b. Aug. 16, 1848  Date of arrival in US March 26, 1906.   *The parents of Theodore MAURER were George and Elizabeth MAURER.  (Katherine's Mother) Elizabeth MAURER geb THEM b. Dec. 6, 1846  Date of arrival March 26, 1906.  * The parents of Elizabeth Maurer were Nicholas THEM and Marie GOSH.   Siblings according to Katherine GUSZ geb. Maurer obit states sisters Anna Knapp and Eva Kelsch in Hungary

Obit states one sister in Hungary

Passenger Records

Date Name Last Residence & Destination

Mar 6

Maurer, Theodor age 52, est yob 1854, traveling w/wife Maurer, Elizabeth age 50, est yob 1856. Son in law paid fare. Fibisch, Hungary.  Joining Son-in-law Heinrich Schmidt in Mansfield, Oh.
Nov 14
Gusz, Peter age 17, est yob 1889. Traveling with Altenbach,Erzsebet and children. Fibis. Joining friend Anton Allenbach in Mansfield OH.
May 30
GUSZ Nikolaus age 42, est yob 1869, traveling w/ wife Gusz, Susanne age 33, est yob 1869, & daughter Gusz, Margaretha age 16, est yob 1895. - All born in Fibisch. Temsofinas, Hungary / Temesfures, Hungary. Father Florian Moise, lives in Temesfures.



Fibisch Family finds....

Fibisch Residents listed on the 1900, 1910 & 1920 U. S. Census
(Banat to America -Immigration: 1888-1914)
Extracted by David Dreyer

Residence Name Age Wife / Maiden Name


yr imm Place of Origin
Dickinson Andor 45 Mary Wd born Marmann 1920 1893 Fibisch
Dickinson Bergmann, Frank 37 Theresia / Setschan 1910 1899 Fibisch
S137-95 Goterbaum, Theodore 39 Eva 1910 1902 Fibisch
S139-91 Herr, Nicholas 43 Elisabeth Unterweger 1900 1893 Fibisch
H136-94 Jaeger Anton 32 Elisabeth / Fibisch 1910 1903 Blumenthal
Rifle Krebs Kasper 49 Susanna Unterweger 1920 1905 Fibisch
Rifle Krebs Kasper jr 23 Mary Klupp / Engelsbrunn 1920 1905 Fibisch
Glen Ullin Marmann Helen 34 divorced 1920 1909 Fibisch
Glen Ullin Marmann Joseph 33 Helen 1910 1890 Fibisch
S137-92 Marmann Joseph 63 Theresia 1900 1893 Fibisch
M138-87 Marmann Peter 28 Lena 1910 1891 Fibisch
S138-93 Marmann Theresia 68 Theresia Wd 1910 1892 Fibisch
S137-96 Thoma Nick 60 Wd 1910 1903 Blumenthal / Dolatz / Fibisch
S137-94 Thoma Nick 70 Suzanna / Dolatz 1920 1898  



Fibisch Residents / North Dakota Banaters In U. S. Customs Passenger Ship Records
by David Dreyer

name age year immigrated to ship from
Marmann Johann 55 4 May 1897 NY Havel Fibisch
Marmann Josef 16 4 May 1897 NY Havel Fibisch
Marmann Peter 10 4 May 1897 NY Havel Fibisch
Marmann Theresia 55 4 May 1897 NY Havel Fibisch



Fibisch Residents / North Dakota Naturalization Records
by David Dreyer



Wife / Maiden ports date ship Place of Origin
Bergmann, Frank 3 Oct 1867 Theresia / Setschan Bremen-NY 1 May 1899 Barbarossa Fibisch
Goterbaum, Theodor 25 Sep 1871 Eva Fiume-NY 8 Apr 1905 Pannonia Fibisch
Jaeger Anton 31 Mar 1878 Elisabeth Unterweger Bremen-NY 27 Oct 1903 Kassel Blumenthal/Fibisch
Krebs Kaspar 22 Jan 1870 Susanna Fiume-NY 16 Mar 1905 Pannonia Giseladorf/Fibisch


    Fibisch Residents / Banat/Batschka Immigration to America U.S. Fed Census for Mansfield Oh
by David Dreyer
ED/place name age spouse Place of Origin date
204 Huck Nikolaus 37   Fibisch 1907
204 Lumb Peter 33   Fibisch 1905
204 Miller Anton 33   Fibisch 1903
Washington Moritz Fred 34 Mary Wietz Fibisch 1905
Washington Moritz Peter 35 Eva Fibisch 1905
204 Procker Josef 42 Anna Fibisch 1905
204 Schadek John 33 Mary Fibisch 1905
204 Schadek Peter 60 Susanna Fibisch 1906
204 Schillinger Frank 32 Elisabeth Kornek Fibisch 1904
204 Schmidt Henry 53 Julia Fibisch 1905
204 Them Fred 63 Catherine Fibisch 1905
204 Them Michael 56 Margaret Fibisch 1905
204 Them Sebastian 29 Catherine Fibisch 1905
204 Zimmermann Josef 54 Elisabeth Fibisch 1905
204 Zimmermann Lawrence 61 Katie Fibisch 1906



Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien-Kalender
Fibisch Residents - Subscription Lists - 1937,1942,1952
by David Dreyer

Blumenthal Village List

name spouse from residence year(s)
Bingert Eva Jung Johann Fibisch Buffalo NY 37 42 52
Martin Frank Gotterbarm Veronika Fibisch Gladstone ND 52
Waldmann Peter Stengel Elisabetha Fibisch Mansfield Ohio 37 42

Wiesenhaid Village List

name spouse from residence year(s)
Fritz Elisabetha Bishoff Nick Fibisch Bronx NY 52
Schulthes Maria Knapp Heinrich Fibisch Mansfield OH 37 42

Jarmarkt Village List

name spouse from residence year(s)
Horvath Josef Jr Them Maria Fibisch Mansfield OH 42
Seibert Elisabeth Bischoff Vincent Fibisch Rahway NJ 52

Setchan Village List

name spouse from residence year(s)
Mertler Wilhelm Guss Margaretha Fibisch Mansfield OH 37

Mramorak Village List

name spouse from residence year(s)
Bohland Peter Schulz Katharina Fibisch Chicago 37 42 52


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