Feketitsch in der Batschka
A multilingual community in Yugoslavia with a German minority

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  • Feketitsch is in Batschka - Batschka Backa [Serbo-Croatian] | Bácska [Hungarian

  • Official: Feketic | German: Feketitsch | Hungarian: Bácsfeketehegy, Feketehegy, Dialect variants: Crno Brdo, Schwarzberg, Feketeegyház

  • Village Location: Today in Yugoslavia, near Topola (District 9)

  • Earliest Appearance in History: 1465

  • Earliest German Settlement: 1818

  • Population: 1880: 4,212 (2,050) / 1910: 5,844 (2020) / 1921: 5,776 (1468)

  • Church Information: Evangelical Lutheran/Bánya diocese, Reformed/Dunamellék diocese

  • Village Heimatortsgemeinschaften (H.O.G.): The H.O.G is an organization of former residents.

  • Genealogical Records Available at FHL:

    Film numbers: Christenings - Marriages -  Deaths
    FHL Microfilm Nr. FHL Census Microfilm: Feketehegy in 1828: 622964
    Church records available at IfA, Stuttgart: Christenings , Marriages , Deaths

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Brad Schwebler

A few words from the Village Coordinator:

When I was growing up I heard my grandparents came from a village called Feketic and I knew it was somewhere in Yugoslavia. But I didn't know much else. In 1996 I was deployed to Hungary. While I was there my father sent me a list of 50 names of Schwebler families in Germany. I sent letters to many of them and after I received responses I made arrangements to meet a couple of the families, one near Heidelberg and another near Munich. When I visited the family near Munich they show me the book about the village of Feketic written by Dr. Pratscher. I was thrilled and asked them for a copy. Later they sent me a copy and I have been translating ever since.

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~ Brad Schwebler


Feketisch Village Coordinator: Brad Schwebler

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