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National Donauschwaben Organizations
Including German-American Societies

Landesverband der Donauschwaben USA

The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc.
24 Zinzer Court
St. Louis, MO 63123

The German American National Congress, aka DANK
(Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress), is the largest organization of Americans of German descent.

German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 802
Washington, DC 20006
Toll-free 1-866-868-8422


Danube Swabian Association of Southern California
Phone: 215-969-9356
Mrs. Greta Hertz, President
10536 Casanes Avenue
Downey, CA

United German-American Societies of the East Bay, Inc.

PMB 407, 484 Lake Park Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610

Orden der Hermann Söhne des Staates Kalifornien
The Order of Hermann Sons
The Order of Hermann Sons was founded in the year 1840 in the city of New York by American citizens of German descent.  The first Hermann Sons Lodge in California was established in San Francisco in the year 1870.
Grand Lodge, O.d.H.S.
841 S. Rose Str
Lodi, CA
209-369-6722 / Fax: 209-369-6722

The German Consulate General New York


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