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Wyandotte, Michigan (MI)
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Wyandotte is a city in Wayne County in the state of Michigan. The population was 28,006 at the 2000 census. Wyandotte is located in the southeastern lower peninsula, approximately eleven miles south of Detroit on the Detroit River and is part of the collection of communities known as Downriver. Wyandotte is bounded by Southgate (west), Lincoln Park (northwest), Riverview (south) and Ecorse (north).

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There We Stood, Here We Stand By Timothy Drake, Richard John Neuhaus
Eleven Lutherans discover their Catholic Roots

Are You a Religious Person?  Anthony L. Gerring 

I was born in Wyandotte, Michigan in 1966 on the 420th anniversary of Martin Luther's death.  When it was time to begin kindergarten, my parents sent me to the same Lutheran elementary school in Wyandotte my father had attended as a boy.  My family had a long history at the German Lutheran church in Wyandotte going back to about 1920.  The Gerrings were German Lutherans from Hungary who had immigrated to Ohio just after the turn of the century and later moved to Wyandotte seeking work.  My paternal grandmother's parents were Donauschwaben German Catholics from Slavonia and the Banat.  They too had immigrated to the USA just after the turn of the century, first going to St. Louis and then eventually settling in Wyandotte.  In 1921, [Read More]

FIRE DESTROYS SHIPYARD.; Wyandotte Plant of Detroit Company Nearly Wiped Out by Flames. September 29, 1912.

Home of . . .

Michigan Alkali Company, which created baking soda, soda ash and lye. The company, later renamed Wyandotte Chemicals Co., producing a variety of soaps & cleaners, and eventually became part of BASF and expanded into the BASF industrial complex.

Wyandotte Iron Ship Building Works built the nation's earliest steel-hulled vessel, a tug called the Sport in 1873.

Beginning in the 1920s Wyandotte was a major source of toy production, with the All Metal Products Company founded in 1920 and located in Wyandotte on Sycamore St.  From the 1920s until the 1950s the company, under the name "Wyandotte Toys", was the nation's largest manufacturer of toy guns and pistols. In the early 1950s the company moved to Ohio, and was bought out by Louis Marx and Company three years later.

Famous People from Wyandotte

Lucille Ball,
 actress who lived in the city as a child.

Lee Majors,
actor noted for "The Six Million Dollar Man"


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