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Emigration from Banat in the National Archives Ship Records. Destination to Cincinnati, OH. Extractions by David Dreyer.

The 1937 German-Hungarian (Donauschwaben) Family Calendar Magazine
Ė Palankaer subscriber list for the Entire U.S.A.

(Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalender 1937, German-Hungarian Publishing Company, New York City, NY/Chicago, IL)

Transcribed by Dennis J. Bauer, 11 October 2008

Cincinnati, OH

Surnames appear exactly as spelled in the original text and may not be the actual spelling. The list shows the individualís place of origin and their address in the U.S. and Canada at the time of subscription to the magazine. Some translations of town, county and country names were done. As with any secondary source, you may wish to consult the original magazine. This is a list of those from Palanka only and not all the German-Hungarians listed.

The magazines were written in German and published in the U.S. from 1932-1954.  They   contained stories from the German-Hungarian regions of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania, pictures of "home",  jokes, poems and best of all a list of American and Canadian subscribers, their spouses, their place of origin and their addresses in the U.S. and Canada at the time of publication.  Subscribers listed were from the United States and Canada. During itís publication, the magazines listed between 10-15 thousand Donauschwaben-Americans.

SCHILLER, Mathias, from Billed, Banat Romania and Katharina BECKER, from Palanka, Batschka, Yugoslavia, 212 Northern Ave.

Published at 21 Jan 2009, contributed by Dennis Bauer

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