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Hornsberger Family Zichydorf to São Paulo, Brazil

Margaretha and Katherine's father and brother were both Adam.  The son Adam is the one found on Ellis Island, he immigrated in 1903 with his wife (Maria Felgel) and their daughter Catherine who was 1 1/2 years old.  The records note that Adam Hornsberger and his family were living is Sao Paulo, Brazil before they emigrated. [I have not found their father (Adam), his wife nor his brother Joseph or his sister Magdalena on a ship's manifest yet.]
Joan Molyneaux

Hornsberger, Katharina b: October 30, 1887

Hornsberger, Margaretha b: March 09, 1885

HORNSBERGER, Adam b: November 30, 1847 Zichydorf

HEROLD, Magdalena b: August 20, 1853, oo November 28, 1871, Zichydorf

.............. 2 Hornsberger, Adam b: January 29, 1879

.................. +Felgel, Maria b: September 14, 1883

.............. 2 Hornsberger, Margaretha b: March 09, 1885

.............. 2 Hornsberger, Katharina b: October 30, 1887

.............. 2 Hornsberger, Magdalena b: June 01, 1892

.................. +Stark, Anton

.............. 2 Hornsberger, Jozsef b: February 28, 1895

.................. +Achtzehner, Magdalena

Passenger Records

Name: Adam Hornsberger
Ethnicity: Germany, German
Last Place of Residence: St. Paulo
Date of Arrival: September 26, 1903
Age at Arrival:  25y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  M  
Ship of Travel: Tennyson
Port of Departure: Santos
Manifest Line Number: 0009

Traveling with wife Maria age 20 and do: Catherine age 1 yr+6 mos.  Joining a relation Joseph Barbeck in Regina, Canada.

Name: Henrik Hornszberger
Ethnicity: Hungary, German
Last Place of Residence: Zichifalva
Date of Arrival: Oct 10, 1906
Age at Arrival:  18y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S  
Ship of Travel: Slavonia
Port of Departure: Fiume
Manifest Line Number: 0004

Joining Uncle Josef Achtzenher in Regina, Saskatchewan

Name: Anton, Hahn
Ethnicity: Austria
Last Place of Residence: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date of Arrival: August 18, 1924
Age at Arrival:  28 y  Gender: M Marital Status:  S  
Ship of Travel: Western World
Port of Departure: Santos, Brazil
Manifest Line Number: 0005


Name: Jacob Hahn
Ethnicity: Austria, Heb.
Last Place of Residence: Santiago, Rep. Arg., Chula
Date of Arrival: April 03, 1912
Age at Arrival:  28y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  M  
Ship of Travel: Verdi
Port of Departure: Buenos Aires
Manifest Line Number: 0012

Jacob Hahn - age 28 - Occ: Millinary - 03 Apr 1912 - Hebrew, Nearest relative from whence came: brother Maurice Hahn @ 1428 Calle Lavalle, Brooklyn, NY. 
joining wife Marita Hahn at 27 W. 114 St, NY.  Prev in US 1902/1911.  Born in Kopycynee, Austria.

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