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DVHH Presidents Letter, January 15, 2013

Letter of Thanks: Volunteers & Contributors Who Made the DVHH Successful

Dear DVHH Members and Mail List Subscribers, 5 Jul 2012.

Today the Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands “DVHH” celebrates its 10th year, a major milestone.  An unexpected outcome from starting with barely nothing but sheer will and determination of numerous DVHH volunteers; most whom have been with the DVHH since the first year; that is a long time to be actively involved with a group, especially for being a worldwide internet based one.

Becoming a nonprofit in 2007 enabled DVHH to retain its place online and continue to be a leading provider of online-information for the Donauschwaben community. We’ve received recognition from the most respected Donauschwaben groups not only here in the America’s but in Europe.

I have a couple of very important DVHH announcements to make at this time.

I’m retiring as DVHH President, 10 years is long enough to have an old gal in charge.  I’m not going anywhere, just passing the torch; which will allow me to focus on other DVHH aspects. It’s been a wonderful journey with all of you, as we struggled in the early years to where we are today. Thank you all for years of support, involvement and most of all your faith in an idea; it worked because of each one of you who was a part of DVHH. After reading all the list messages about what the DVHH has meant to so many people, -have faith that what we have started, will continue. A great nonprofit organization cannot exist without volunteers to keep it going. Therefore, I beseech each one of you to get more involved internally with DVHH.

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce my successor as DVHH President, Dan Larson, of Walden, N.Y., who will officially take over April 15, 2013, but has been prepping for months and will be shadowing me more openly now that the announcement has been made. Dan diligently considered this position after reading a detailed job description and followed up by a phone conversation with me. I look forward to Dan’s fresh approach and new ideas in moving DVHH forward. I’d like everyone to welcome Dan and offer your support and encouragement as he embarks on one of the most rewarding and challenging adventures of his life in service to the DVHH; one of the greatest Donauschwaben groups worldwide.
(I linked the presidents job description, so all can see, it is not just a title that Dan is assuming.)

We’ve also had the great pleasure of Jane E. Moore, Membership Registrar, since 2008; - 5 years is a long time of dedication to a ‘volunteer’ job!  Unfortunately, Jane is retiring from her duties as Registrar. We are sad but she has done her part and I thank her whole heartily for her time and talents and in keeping a wonderful rapport with our members who financially support DVHH’s online presence.  Jane’s been such a pleasure to work with, always taking care of business and fulfilling her responsibilities. She is retiring as Registrar, but retaining her Village Coordinator roles.

So, now the Membership Registrar position is open. Perhaps one of you will be interested in volunteering for this job. As Registrar you’ll play an essential to DVHH's continuing online presence. The essential requirements are, be or become a DVHH Member; be able to respond to your call of duty in a timely manner; be a team player; and most importantly be able to keep confidential member information private.  Anyone interested in applying for this job, please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, Mary Regan, she will send you a job description and answer your questions and concerns.

In the event no one volunteers as Membership Registrar, there could be a freeze on membership until the position is filled. Don’t let this happen. Be a part of ‘paying it forward’ – Volunteer!

With Kindest Regards,

Jody McKim Pharr
DVHH Founder & President, January 15, 2013

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