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Events, Treffens/Reunions & Notices
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Landsmannschaft Banater Schwaben e.V. Heimattag, Ulm, Germany (Yearly Reunion)

Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA (Danube Swabian Association of the USA) (Updated Site)

  2017 Annual Meetings of the LANDESVERBAND der Donauschwaben USA & the FOUNDATION
at Carpathia Club on April ?, 2017 in Sterling Heights, Michigan

at the Verein der Donauschwaben on September ?, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio


at the American Aid Society of German Descendants
on September
2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2016
Lake Villa Location
259 W. Grand Ave. Lake Villa, IL 60046

Aug 29 to Aug 31, 2014
Landestrachtenfest Tanzwettbewerb
(National costume festival)  Tanz (Dance) wettbewerb (competition)
Hosted by
The United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee
The Schwabenhof, 14750 W. Silver Spring Dr. Menomonee Falls, WI

Aug. 29, 2014 (Friday) The Party Kicks Off At 5pm
Aug. 30, 2014 (Saturday) The Great Times Continue At 11:00am
Aug. 31, 2014 (Sunday) The Fun Starts Again At 10:00am

The United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee Facebook page


Aug 30 to Sep 1, 2013
2013 Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Kanada

(Day of the Danube Swabians)

Hosted by The Carpathia Club, (their 100th anniversary) www.carpathiaclub.com
38000 Utica Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312-1753


Victimhood & Memory: Danube Swabians & the Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns in Yugoslavia, 1944-1948 by Ute Ritz-Deutch, History Department, at the Wayles Browne Slavic Studies Symposium on Feb. 26 at the A.D. White House at Cornell University.


Aug 31- Sep 2, 2012
2012 - Landestreffen der Donauschwaben - Kitchener, Ont.

(National Meeting of the Danube Swabians)
Hosted by the Schwaben Club of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario


Sep 2-4, 2011
2011 – Landestrachtenfest mit Tanzwettbewerb – Mansfield, OH

(National dress festival with dance competition)
Hosted by the Mansfield Liederkranz,  Mansfield, OH

Nov 20th, 2010
The Karlsdorfer Vergnügungs Klub will host their 55th Kirchweih in Des Plaines, IL
All are welcome!  Please check the website for additional information www.karlsdorf.org


Aug 6-8, 2010
2010 – Landestreffen – German Hungarians, Philadelphia & Trenton
(National Meeting of the German Hungarians)
Hosted by the United German-Hungarian (UGH), Oakford, PA

Feb 25-27 2010
The Forgotten Genocide Lecture Series, a Documentary by Ann Morrison


Sep 04-06 2009
2009 - Landestreffen der Donauschwaben USA - Detroit, MI

(National Meeting of the Danube Swabians)
Hosted by the Carpathia Club, Sterling Heights, MI
  Temeswar Heimattag 1 & 2, May 2009, Translated by Alex Leeb

Aug 29-31, 2008
2008 – Landestrachtenfest mit Tanzwettbewerb – Cleveland, OH
(National costume festival & competition)
Hosted by the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center, Lenau Park, Cleveland, OH

2008 Budapest Community, Tallapoosa, GA with John Frey (CA) & Jody McKim (GA) Read more

2008 DVHH friends meet up in Vancouver BC, in summer & spent 4.5 hours together.  Left to right: Rose Vetter, Alex Leeb; Katharine Samuelson, Guenther Vetter, Rose Marie Leeb and Gerry Samuelson.

Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2007
2007 - Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Kanada Mansfield, OH

(Day of the Danube Swabians) 
Hosted by the Mansfield Liederkranz,  Mansfield, OH


Oct 2006
2006 Margaret Buza & John Kornfeind, meet-up at Phoenix Oktoberfest

May 2004
Landsmannschaft Banater Schwaben e.V. Heimattag, Ulm - 29 May 2004

2004 Banater Schwaben Treffen


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