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Darlene Dimitrie
Windsor, ON - CAN

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"I found a shoebox ..."

I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to immigrant parents who met and married in Canada.  My father is Romanian, born in Vladimirovac, when it was still part of Torontal County in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  My mother is Donauschwaben from Hrastovac, then in the former Yugoslavia and today in Croatia.  Until the age of 5, I spoke English, German and Romanian, but have lost much of this knowledge as the older members of the family pass away.

I was always interested in my family history, but did not actively start looking into it until the death of my maternal grandmother in 1998.  I found a shoebox full of memorial cards from friends and relatives who had passed away and I started by entering all this information into a genealogy database.  I found that although I knew the basics of my family history, I had no idea of the extent of what I would find out, first from other Hrastovac researchers and email lists like the Banat list and later the DVHH list and website.  I quickly was side-tracked from the genealogy aspect into the history that my ancestors had lived through and participated in, including the atrocities perpetuated with respect to WW II.  I have made many new friends throughout the years and "met" many new cousins all over the world. 

Little did I know that this journey into ancestry and family history is never finished.  It expands continuously, filling my heart and also my home with stacks and stacks of information which I may never get properly organized.

~ Darlene Dimitrie, 2015    

[Published at 30 Sep 2020 by Jody McKim Pharr]

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