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Official name: Beska, Serbia | German: Beschka

Village Location:

Beschka, known as Beska in the Region of Syrmia (Syrmien) located between the Sava and Danube Rivers in Yugoslavia (Vojvodina, Serbia) north of Belgrade

Village Books & Research Resources

Beschka Homeland Book   
by Peter Lang ~ Translated by Brad Schwebler

Beschka Village Book: 
Lang, Peter: Beschka. Ortsmonographie der Gemeinde Beschka in Jugoslawien aus der Sicht der ehemalige Donauschwaben 1860-1944. Heimatbuch. Erzhausen 1971. 288 S.

Village Heimatortsgemeinschaften (Hog):
A HOG is an organization of former residents.
Beschka H.O.G.: Richard Ewinger,
Lenaustr. 27, 78532 Tuttlingen

Syrmia Region

A few words from the Village Coordinator:

My grandparents actually came from Feketic (Feketitsch) and the first homeland book I received was about Feketitsch.  But later the same family who gave me a copy of the book about Feketitsch also sent me a book about Beschka.  The family name is mentioned in the back of the book but otherwise no mention.  What I did find though was a wealth of information in the book not just about Beschka and Syrmia but also about the Donauschwaben people in general, their history, their culture, and their language.

- Brad

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Beschka Homeland Book

by Peter Lang
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Gordon Geissler's Beschka Photos 2005

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Brad Schwebler

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