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Angelika Steckley

Regions of interest: Batschka, Banat

Villages: Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo

Family Surnames: Harjung, Gillmann

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have a cute story to share:

Once, when my mother, Evi and her friend, Wuertzrosalia were children, they followed behind the family doctor, Dr. Kasper.  He always walked with a walking stick.  This time, he let out a huge fart.  They giggled, but he never said anything.  It was always something for them to laugh about.

Elisabeth and Gregor Gillmann - my grandparents - their engagement photo.
Elisabeth's maiden name was Harjung.

Elisabeth Harjung Gillmann: My grandmother holding my mother, Eva Gillmann.
She and her mother, Theresia, made the silk roses in the photo.
They made the roses for weddings and such.

Elisabeth Harjung Gillmann with kids
from left: Eva, Annie, Josef (Seppi) and Lissi

Evi in her school photo
The below photo is in 2 parts.  
My mother sits front row, first on the left.

Ewa Baptism

Gillmann siblings were from Batschsentiwan, but photo taken in Germany.
My grandfather, Gregor Gillmann is the older man.
Beside him to the left, his sister.  And other relatives??

Kaethe (Harjung) Weber, my great aunt,
who was very active in the cultural community - was an actor, singer.
Through a neighbour, who was an SS soldier, she got her sister and herself and
their children out of Batschka before the Russians attacked. 
My grandfather, Gregor was in a Russian war camp inNyebrobedrovski??? spelling?
My great uncle, Tante Kaethe's husband, Duri (Georg) was fighting in France.

Phal family in Chicago, came from Batschsentiwan
Sitting older couple: Anna and Stefan Phal.
Standing behind them, their son, Adam with wife, Rosie.
Their kids in front row,  My great aunt (nee Anna Gillmann) and uncle.


 My great grandfather, Georg Harjung (born around 1902)
married my great grandmother, Theresia Njare (born 1906).   

Gregor, my grandfather, was a master shoemaker.
Lucky for him, for he made the Russian soldiers' boots and
was therefore treated better than other prisoners-of-war, because of his profession.

Birth months and years of my mother and her siblings:
Eva Gillmann: December, 1932
Elisabeth Gillmann October, 1934
Anna Gillmann, July 1936
Josef Gillmann, February 1938

 My great grandmother, Theresia, was a student of Theology,
very devout Catholic. She made silk roses for dresses and weddings.  

Often, a group of gypsies from Apatin would come into Batschsentiwan
to entertain and sell their wares??
They came to play and dance in my grandparents' home.
  We have a suspicion that Gillmann side had gypsy blood,
but my great aunt would not confirm it.
As she put it,
"pfft, I don't talk about that."

 Angelika Steckley, 2011


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