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Wüscht, Johann
Batschka German Political Historian & Sociologist
Researched, compiled and published at DVHH 18 Apr 2012 by Jody McKim Pharr. Translation by Nick Tullius


Wüscht, Johann * 12.8.1897, Militisch, Batsckha † 1976

Head of the Documentation of the Southeast Federal Archives in Koblenz, Ger.

Between the two world wars, Johann Wüscht successfully conducted a social policy that ensured the social survival of the German ethnic group in Yugoslavia, by the establishment and administration of a central association of rural welfare cooperatives. This organization collaborated very closely with similar aspirations of the majority population, respecting ethnic independence. As a sociologist and historian he published basic works on the social and economic structure of the Danube Swabians living in the closest links with other nationalities in a multinational space. After 1945 and after a long stopover in Straßburg, Wüscht joined the Federal Archives in Koblenz, where he has been establishing the "Südost-Dokumentation“ ("South East documentation") since 1957.

His effort was directed to the collection of records and documents related to establishing the truth about the historical events in the Southeast. Through the evaluation of official sources and numerous testimonies of top specialists, he was able to produce a number of books and publications: "Jugoslawien und das Dritte Reich“, ("Yugoslavia and the Third Reich"), Stuttgart (1969), "Beitrag zur Geschichte der Deutschen in Jugoslawien für den Zeitraum 1934 bis 1944“ ("Contribution to the history of the Germans in Yugoslavia for the period 1934 to 1944") (1966), „Die magyarische Okkupation der Batschka 1941-1944“ ("The Magyar occupation of the Batschka 1941-1944") (1975), "Die Ereignisse in Syrmien 1941-1944“ ("Events in Syrmia 1941-1944") (1975) and others. These works dispute the unproven claims of the opposite side, by objectively documenting facts about the loyal behavior of the German population living for centuries in the Danube Carpathian space, and showing the efforts of the German Reich for peaceful and friendly relations with the Kingdom of Yugoslavia up to the Belgrade coup of March 1941.

Bio translated by Nick Tullius. Reference: Südostdeutsche Vierteljahresblätter (South Eastern German Quarterlies), 1972, p. 145. (1977) ; German version:

Author of:

Die deutsche Volksgruppe in Jugoslawien
Article published in: HANDBUCH der europäischen Volksgruppen, str. 389-407, ©date unknown.
[E: The German minority in Yugoslavia]

Die magyarische Okkupation der Batschka 1941-1944 dokumentarische Stellungnahme zur jugoslawischen Darstellung. Publisher: Kehl am Rhein Selbstverl. ©1975
[E: The Magyar occupation of Backa 1941-1944 Opinion on the Yugoslav documentary representation]

Die Ereignisse in Syrmien 1941 - 1944 dokumentarische Stellungnahme zur jugoslawischen Darstellung in "Zločini okupatora i njihovih pomagača u Vojvodini 1941 - 1944" ("Verbrechen der Okkupatoren und ihrer Helfer in der Vojvodina 1941 - 1944") Publisher: Kehl am Rhein Selbstverl. ©1975, 84 pages.

[E: The events in Srem 1941 - 1944 Opinion on the Yugoslav representation in documentary "Zločini okupatora i njihovih pomagača u Vojvodini 1941 - 1944" ("crimes of the occupiers and their accomplices in Vojvodina 1941 - 1944")]


Slowenen und Deutsche
Publisher: Kehl am Rhein Selbstverl.
©1975. Series: @Nachprüfungen der Schriften jugoslawischer Autoren (According to the writings of Yugoslav authors TESTS)


Ein Wort zu jugoslawischen Forderungen

Publisher: Kehl/Rhein, ©1974.

[E: A word to Yugoslav demands]


Ursachen und Hintergründe des Schicksals der Deutschen in Jugoslawien Bevölkerungsverluste Jugoslawiens im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Publisher: Kehl a. Rh. Selbstverl. des Verf, ©1966.

[E: Causes and background of the fate of the Germans in Yugoslavia during World War II Yugoslavia Bevölkerungsverluste]

Jugoslawien und das Dritte Reich: eine dokumentierte Geschichte der deutsch-jugoslawischen Beziehungen von 1933-1945 Publisher: Stuttgart : Seewald, ©1969.
[E: Yugoslavia and the Third Reich: a documented history of German-Yugoslav relations from 1933 to 1945]

Beitrag zur Geschichte der Deutschen in Jugoslawien 1934-1944
Kehl a. Rh. : Selbstverl., ©1966.

764 Kehl a. Rh., Luisenstrasse 1 Satz und Druck: Zentraldruckerei Ackermann & Honold, Stuttgart. 208 pages.

[E: Contribution to the History of Germans in Yugoslavia for the period 1934-1944]

Beitrag zur Geschichte der Deutschen in Jugoslawien für den Zeitraum von 1934 bis 1944 aktenmäßige Darstellung; [Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge nach amtlichen Quellen dargestellt]
Publisher: Kehl a.Rh., Luisenstr. 1 J. Wüscht,
[E: Contribution to the history of the Germans in Yugoslavia for the period 1934-944 massive presentation files; (background & content according to official sources)]

Population losses in Yugoslavia during World War II 1941-1945
Publisher: Bonn [u.a.] Ed. Atlantic-Forum, ©1963. (also found Publisher info: Bonn, New York, Edition Atlantic-Forum, ©1963.)
Language: English.

Die Wojwodina und ihr Deutschtum politische Geschichte, Bevölkerungsverhältnisse, wirtschaftliche Lage
Publisher: Wien Publikationsstelle, ©1940. (note: a 2nd source shows published 1941)
[E: The Vojvodina and their German politicians. History; Bevölkerungsverhältniss, Econ. location]

Die völkischen Verhältnisse in der südslawischen Woiwodina
Publisher: Graz : Südostdeutsches Institut.; ©date unknown, most likely 1940's. 116 pages..
[E: The völkischen ratios in the south Slavic Vojvodina]

Volkszählungsergebnisse der Donaubanschaft (Wojwodina) in Südslawien 1931;
Publisher: Wien Publikationsstelle, ©1940.

Über Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Gemeinde Srpski-Miletitsch Ein Heimatbuch als Festgabe zur 150-Jahrfeier
Publisher: [Srpski Miletić, Bačka] [J. Wüscht] ©1936
[E: About past and present of the community Srpski Miletitsch-home book as a gift for the hard 150-year celebration]

Beitrag zur biologischen Lebensbilanz der Deutschen in der Wojwodina.
Publisher: Novisad [Neusatz] Druckerei- u. Verlags-A.G. ©1936
[E: Contribution to biological life balance of the Germans in the Vojvodina]

Die genossenschaftliche Krankenvorsorge Grundlagen u. Arbeit
Publisher: Novisad, Željeznička ulica 26 Zentralgenossenschaft d. Ländl. Wohlfahrtsgenossenschaften, ©1936.
[E: The cooperative medical care basics and work]


Johan Wüscht, Population Losses in Yugoslavia during World War Two (1963), estimates a total population shortfall of 2,210,000 in the 1948 census. After accounting for emigration (700,000) and a drop in births (423,000), he reckons the total number of deaths caused by the war and its aftermath to be 1,100,000. He also points out that adding up all the accusations of atrocities committed during the war far exceeds this calculated number of deaths, so one of them is wrong.

ANALYSIS: Among those events with several estimates, the medians are ...

  • Serbs k. by Ustashe: 300,000

  • Postwar executions by Communists (and related deaths): 175,000

  • Jasenovac

Reference: Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Primary Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century by Matthew White ©2003 Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, a Nonprofit Corporation.
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