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Maxine Schwellinger Jones
August 9, 1938 - July 14, 2012

Published at 21 Jul 2012 by Jody McKim Pharr

Maxine's Family Surnames:
Filtz, Me'sza'ros, Kist, Maurer, Seip, Schirm, Torer, Strobl, Stopper, Fa'th, Stumpf, Kesztinger, Schluntzky, Mutter in Bukin, Batschka; Schwellinger, Beierle, Kraemer, Hahn in Temerin/Veprovacz, Batschka

Maxine and Bob Jones, Bukiner Treffen, 2006

Maxine and Jackie Weber, Bukiner Treffen, 2006

Tribute to a Dedicated DVHH Volunteer

 Farewell to Maxine

With deep sadness we received the news that Maxine Jones of Friday Harbor, Washington passed away on July 14th, after losing her battle against devastating cancer.  Maxine K. Schwellinger was born in Youngstown, Ohio on August 9, 1938.  A son, Kevin Lee, predeceased her on February 17, 1981.  Maxine married Bob Jones in Compton, California in 1958 and they moved to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, in their retirement years. She will be sadly missed by husband Robert (Bob) and children Keith Robert and Karen Lynn.   

Maxine was a passionate researcher of her ancestry and one of the first DVHH Volunteer Lookup Guides. Anyone who asked her to look up information in her Batschka family books, will agree that she shared that information eagerly and generously.  When I started my ancestry research in 2005, Maxine provided me with pages and pages of scans from several Batschka OSB’s, leading me to discoveries about my ancestors I never thought possible.  We were both thrilled when we found out that we had distant connections in several villages, creating an instant bond between us.  Maxine told me that she and Bob attended biannual Las Vegas reunions of Bukin cousins, who had found each other through the Internet.  One of these cousins, Jackie Weber, was kind to send us pictures of those happy gatherings and some information about Maxine.   

Two years ago, my husband and I attended the Mount Angel Conference, where we met Maxine and Bob in person – I will never forget that warm smile of hers!   When we parted with warm hugs, we looked forward to meeting them again and had no idea that it was the last time we would see Maxine. 

Going through some of her old e-mails, I found out that Maxine’s mother was born in Bukin and came to the United States when she was 6 years old.  Her father (Schwellinger) was born in Vibank, Saskatchewan, with ancestral roots in Temerin and Weprowatz.  Eventually his family moved to the US, where Maxine was born in Youngstown, Ohio.   

Our hearts and prayers go out to Bob and his family in this time of sorrow. 

Rest in peace, dear friend! 
Rose Vetter, 20 Jul 2012

More: Looking Back on Maxine's Mail List Highlights

Maxine, having a wonderful time at Bukiner Treffen!

Looking Back on Maxine's Mail List Highlights

Maxine was one of our first volunteers to be a DVHH Lookup Guide.  She was so excited to give back, as others had helped her.  Because of her giving spirit others were able to extend their family trees and break through brick walls. Here at the DVHH - we'll miss her little  "helping hands."  -Jody McKim Pharr, DVHH Founder

Below are a few highlights that will bring back memories, listed chronologically.  If you have a special memory of Maxine or would like to express a few words of gratitude for her helping you in your research, please email your comments to, in the subject line put Maxine Jones. 

As early as year 1999, when at that time the Banat-L was the only Donauschwaben mail list available, Maxine was busy ordering family books. Here is a snippet of her excitement receiving one:

"Last Thursday the 2 volumes of Familienbuch Weprowatz/Batschka that I had ordered arrived and I have been poring over them ever since. It's exciting to see your family name in print but even more exciting to cross over the barriers of the LDS film."
Source: From: Maxine Jones <> Subject: [BANAT-L] Familienbuch Weprowatz/Batschka Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999

Maxine shares her own discoveries . . .

I have corresponded with Paul Scherer, author of the "Familian Weprowatz', and he recently sent me the 2 pages from the Temerin book where the Schwellinger name appears. My grandfather and his siblings are listed as being born there but no additional information. This is the information I have on them:

Josef SCHWELINGER b. 13 Nov 1876 Temerin, married 1900 Unknown
Gertrude Beierle b. about 1878 Unknown
Mary (Maria) b. 14 Aug 1901 Belgrad
Josef b. 04 Aug 1803 Indjija, Szerem
Martin b. 19 Dec 1905 Georghausen, Torontal

I have the ship manifest for Gertrude and the children. They sailed from Fiume on the 9th (or 4th) of August on the S.S. Pannonia and arrived in NY on Aug 29 as non-immigrant aliens. Their last residence was Gyorgyhaza (Georgshausen). They were going to join my grandfather in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. I do not know when he arrived in NY as the index card that I think could be his has missing information. The index card is a preprinted card with just his name (Joszef Schwellinger), age (28), Citizen of (Hungary), Group No. (48) and List No. (1). There is nothing typed in where the name of the Steamer should be and the Date of arrival in NY.
urce: From: Maxine Jones <> Subject: [BANAT-L] Village Name Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999

Over time Maxine accumulated a collection of family books for her own research and helped others.  Still ordering in 2008 . . .

"I recently ordered the Boroc-Obrovac-Oberndorf CD from Wilhelm Busch"
Source: From: "Maxine Jones" <> Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Boroc-Obrovac-Oberndorf CD Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008

When she could not assist, she directed them to others who could help . . .

I've received these 2 messages from Mrs. Battin. I am unable to help her as I do not have any resources for these villages/towns. I suggested that she go to the DVHH Batschka lookups site and I gave her the website so she could contact someone that has a Palanka resource. Can someone help her?
Source: From: "Maxine Jones" <> Subject: [DVHH-Villages-L] Query Assistance Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004

Maxine shares about her family . . .

I would like to add my little family story to this discussion. My grandfather was born in Bukin, Batschka in 1887 and his brother was born in 1889, both illegitimate births. Their parents were married in 1891 and had several other children. Both my grandfather and his brother went by their mother's maiden name all their lives because their father didn't adopt them after the marriage. The story is that my gr grandfather couldn't afford the adoption.
Source: From: "Maxine Jones" <> Subject: Re: [DVHH-Villages-L] Re: Illegitimacy Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Yes, my gr grandfather was the biological father. In fact, I have my grandfather's Social Security Application and both his parent's names are on it. Beside his mother's name is the word 'correct' in parenthesis since grandpa's last name was the same as hers and not his father's.  After I sent my first note I started chuckling because I started thinking about the story my mother told about her and my Dad. They fell in love and wanted to marry (in Ohio) and one of my sets of grandparents was against it so Mom & Dad got 'pregnant' (with my older sister) on purpose and went to Milwaukee where a couple of my Dad's brothers lived and got married there. My sister was born there and they eventually went back to Ohio and life went on because I remember going to both grandparent's houses as a child. Life and families are very interesting, aren't they?
Source: From: "Maxine Jones" <> Subject: Re: [DVHH-Villages-L] Re: Illegitimacy Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Responding to DVHH Feedback mail . . .

"I think I found the entry you are referring to and yes, it's possible you could be connected to that line. However, it says that Jean Georges died in the Banat and your Johann Georg died in the Batschka. I don't know what 'Tisserand' is/means that is right under Died - Banat. Have you tried contacting the person who put this info in geneanet? He might be able to tell you where he got the info from which would be helpful.
If anyone else has info about this family I'm sure Jim would appreciate hearing from you."
Source: From: "Maxine Jones" <> Subject: Re: [DVHH] Bukin-GREISSHABER family Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008

Words of praise from others . . .

I wish to thank our wonderful list members, namely Nancy, Paul, Maxine & Gabiela for all their time in contributing to my brick wall.  I believe my next step will be to seek out the civil registrar of Lovas, to find a marriage for either of Anna Baron and/or Maria Anna (knebl) Hehn to Christian Stutz.
Thank you again.
Katharine, from sunny (still raining) Delta

Source: From: "Katharine Samuelson" <> Subject: Re: [DVHH] Lookup - Hodschag - Stutz/Hehn ©2003 Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, a Nonprofit Corporation.
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