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Senz, Ingomar
Batschka Historian & Author
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Important activities and publications:

Head of German as part of the Bavarian Philology Association in the district of Lower Bavaria.

Member of the "Südostdeutsche Kulturwerk"

Member of the "Southeast German Historical Commission".

Employee and board member of the Donauschwäbische Kulturstiftung - Foundation of Private Law - Munich.

Dissertation: The national movement of the Hungarian Germans before the First World War. A development in the field of tension between pan-Germanism and Hungarian domestic politics.  Published in the book series of the Southeast German Historical Commission, Munich 1977.

As esteemed expert commissioned with the creation of the volume The Danube Swabians, in the representative "study series of the foundation East German cultural council" as volume 5 in the Munich publishing house Langen-Mueller 1994 appeared.

Lead author and editor of the 2nd volume Danube Swabian History. Economic Autarky and Political Alienation 1806 to 1918 , Universitas Verlag, Munich 1997.

Rotraut and Ingomar Senz: A life for the Danube Swabians. A portrait of Josef Volkmar Senz and his work , Verlag der Donauschwäbische Kulturstiftung, Munich 1999.


Die Schwaben in der Batschka, 1988. Geschichte und Kultur einer deutschen Volksgruppe zwischen Theiß und Donau. In: Die Donauschwaben. Deutsche Geschichte und Kultur in Südosteuropa. Sechs Vorträge, Hg. Horst Kühnel, Haus des Deutschen Ostens, München, S. 25-48.

Donauschwabische Geschichte (E: Die Donauschwaben)
by Ingomar Senz, Rudolf Fath, Friedrich Fathas
Hardcover, Universitas, ISBN 3800413477 (3-8004-1347-7)



Die Donau Schwaben (Illustrated), 240 pages, Publisher Universitas (E: Langen Müller), München, 1994. ISBN: 3784425224


Auf dem Weg zu mir selbst (E: On the way to myself )
Verlag: Pro Business; Auflage: 1 (27. November 2007) Publisher: Pro Business; 1 edition (November 27, 2007); Paperback: 182 pages
Sprache: Deutsch Language: German
ISBN-10: 3868050159 ISBN-10: 3868050159
ISBN-13: 978-3868050158 ISBN-13: 978-3868050158 review snipet: "On the way to myself," the experience of self-discovery process discussed in biographical form. The author, by contrast, an unknown person, the "interesting substance" was because of their origin from South East Europe, she fled, her experiences as a witness - it as an eye witness of the war and the postwar period, be it as an experience support a "black pedagogy" or as a developer of "survival strategies" - wins.  . . . This structure creates a book that gets its content quite interesting and also from Ereginissen unusual, but also by comparisons of past and present, obtained by comparison with results of certain operations of modern education and psychology generally comprehensible life insights." ©2003 Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, a Nonprofit Corporation.
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