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Leicht, Sebastian
Batschka Artist & Illustrator
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Sebastian Leicht was born August 10, 1908 in Batschka Brestowatz, Westbatschka.  His artist talents were evident very early and he attended the art school at Belgrage and Munchen.  Returning in 1930 to his home country Yugoslavia he had to fulfill his military service in the Yugoslavian army.

When his area was ceded to Hungary he then had to serve in 1943 in the Hungarian Army.  When Hungary allowed Germany to draft her ethnic Germans, he was assigned to a German Military war reporter unit.


At the end of the was he found himself in Bavaria and reunified with his family, who were able to flee from the advancing Communist armies.

Sebastian Leicht supported himself and his family as a house painter and free-lance portrait artist, making portraits of US army physicians at the Passau base.

Later he was able to concentrate on his artistic endeavors and became a well known and sought after artist.




Source: Short biography and numerous images of Leicht's are published in the book Genocide of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1944-1948, Santa Ana, California USA. Licensed by the Donauschwabische Kulturstiftung - Munchen, Germany. Copyright 2001 by Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A. Printed by Award Printing Corp., Chicago, IL. ISBN: 0-9710341-0-9.  Permission to republish given by Leo Mayer.

[Published at 27 Dec 2007]

Table of Contents

    Ein Wort voraus 11

    I. Befreiung der pannonischen Tiefebene 14

    II. Ansiedlung 26

    III. Bauerliche Welt 68

    IV. Donauschwabischer Alltag 136

    V. Dorflicher Lebenskreis 162

    VI. Hanf 190

    VII. Selbstbehauptung 210

    VIII. Die Flucht 224

    IX. Lager und Vertreibung 254

    X. Neubeginn im Mutterland 290

    XI. Neubeginn in anderen Landern 314

    Der Maler und Graphiker Sebastian Leicht 331

    Literaturverzeichnis/Bibliography: p. 355


      Dewey Decimal Class 947/.00431

      Library of Congress DJK28.G4 L45 1983 


Weg der Donauschwaben Batschka Banat Rumänien Chronik

Art by Sebastian Leicht

Weg der Donauschwaben dreihundert Jahre Kolonistenschicksal (E: Way of the Danube Swabians three hundred years colonists fate)

ISBN 10 387616107X; 355 pages

About the Book: A collection of over 150 sketches and paintings by the renowned painter and graphic artist Sebastian Leicht, depicting the Danube Swabian life and history over a 300 year period.  The text accompanying each sketch or painting is by Dr. Georg Wildmann, authoritative Danube Swabian historian and prolific author of many publications on this interesting heritage, Editor, Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben aus Jugoslawien in Bayern.  Published 1983 by Passavia in Passau. Written in German. ©2003 Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, a Nonprofit Corporation.
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