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Illumination of the Alexanderhausen Church
By Nick Tullius

A beauty! The only church “with a hat”1 in Timiş is illuminated like in fairy tales!

According to an article published in “Opinia Timişoarei” on December 2, 2015, “one of the most beautiful monuments of the Banat, the Catholic Church of Şandra/Alexanderhausen received a present for the holidays – it was provided with architectural illumination and at night time looks like out of fairy tales. The church is almost 200 years old, and is the pride of the locality as it appears before our eyes on the highway connecting Timişoara/Temeswar to the Hungarian border.”

The article goes on to explore the biography of Vasile Grad, a native of Şandra, who owns and operates an electrical firm in Portugal. He donated and installed the electrical equipment necessary for lighting up the church. It consists of 12 projectors using LEDs resistant to temperatures down to -50ºC (-58ºF). To complete the installation, he brought his team of electricians and alpinists from Portugal. It was a combined effort to emphasize the value of this historic building, especially at night, regardless of the side from which it is seen, but especially from the main road traversing the locality.

The donor is hoping that what he did will delight both locals and tourists, and the church will be visited by as many people as possible.

Translator’s note: The Catholic Church of Şandra/Alexanderhausen has recently undergone extensive outside repair, funded by the local administration, the diocese, and former members of the congregation currently residing abroad.

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