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Ich bleib nit ledich!
Johann Szimits

I am not staying single!
by Johann Szimits |
Translation by Nick Tullius

Jo, e gutes Weib tut sorche

immr for de liewe Mann,

Aa wann er sich Geld muß borche

un’s nit zruck glei zahle kann.

Hat mr Phansweh, aueblicklich

is mit Umschläch ‘s Weib schun do.

Kocht e Inbrenn un is glicklich,

wann des Mittl helft drno.

Hat mr Halsweh, kann nix schlicke,

kummt mi’m Kleiestrump es Weib.

Daß mr ihr nit soll vrsticke

bindt’ s eems warm um Hals un Leib.

Hat mr Schnuppe odr Reiße

helft’ s eem mit me warme Steen.

Drum kann der sich glicklich preise,

wer in solchm Fall nit leen.

Oweds uf dr Gaß rum laafe,

oft in Storm un Schnee un Reen,

Vleicht e Katz im Sack zu kaafe,

fikum, nee, do dank ich scheen.

Mir die Ohre zu vrfriere

um e Bußl vun dr Gret,

was eem schließlich tät gebiere,

nee - mir wär drum ewich leed.

Dorum bleib ich nimini ledich,

‘s ledich sin is gar nix wert,

Weil mr selwr ganz unnetich

nor mit Sorche sich beschwert.

Ich will glei e Mädl finne,

recht e braves vun dr Heed.

Mit der loß ich mich vrbinne,
o jau Mater - na die Freed!

Yes, a good woman cares

always for her dear man,

Even if he has to borrow money

and can't pay it back right away.

You have a stomach ache, instantly

the woman with compresses is there.

Cooks a potion and is happy

If the remedy was helpful.

If one has a sore throat or cannot swallow,

the wife brings the bran stocking.

That one shouldn't suffocate

She puts warm wraps around one’s neck and body.

If one has a cold or tearing

she helps one with a warm stone.

So he can consider himself lucky

who in such a case is not alone.

Walking ‘round the street all evening

often in storm and snow and rain,
Maybe to buy a pig in a poke

Oh no, just thanks for that.
To freeze my ears for a kiss from Gret,

that finally one would deserve,
no - for that I would be forever sorry.
That’s why I’m not staying single,

being single is just not worth it,

Because without good reason

One just adds worries to one’s life.

Right away I want to find a girl

quite a good one from the heath.

With her I let myself be connected

Oh yeah mother – what a joy!


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