A Short Homeland Book 

Mathias Huber

Reutlingen, Pentecost 1974
(The following is a translation of portions of the above publication.) 

Translated By Henry Fischer ~ Edited by Rose Vetter


The Emigration of our Ancestors

The Settlement of Neu-Pasua (Nova Pasova or New Pasua)

The Military Administration of Alt-Pasua, Neu-Pasua and Woika; A Footnote; Peterwardein Border Regiment Nr 9/10 Company

Section 1: Locales: 1. Village of Alt-Pasua  2. Village of Neu-Pasua  3. Village of Woika;
History of These Locales

Section III: Condition of the Acreage; Produce and Businesses; Livestock Rearing; Trade and Commerce; Trade in Iron; Trade in Horned Cattle

Section IV: The Populace; Schools, Houses, Nutrition; Clothing, Women's Clothing; Head Covering; Footwear; Traditions and Customs; Superstitions; Entertainment and Amusements

Neu-Pasua From the Settlement to the Flight

Neu-Pasua Today

The Neu-Pasua Homeland Committee and Its Task

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