The Later Migration to the Syrmien village India
During the Years 1836 to 1855

 By Dr. Wendelin Müller
Translated by Rose Vetter 

When comparing the 1825-1835 registries of German families in India with those of 1835-1855, one realizes that there are more immigrants during the latter period.  Equally remarkable is the strong, steady increase in marriages, births and deaths. 

The cause for this population surge is to be found mainly in the favorable economic conditions.  Marcovic stresses that, on the one hand, the nobility owned vast areas of bare, fallow acreage, and on the other hand, the Serbs of that time knew very little about agriculture, as they still engaged mainly in stock farming.  Furthermore, after 1836 the nobility were not permitted to seize the farmers’ land and pass it on to others.  Therefore,  the incentive to purchase acreage was strongly increased.  The result was that the Germans purchased more and more land from the Serbs. Marcovic recorded the following land proportions in relation to Serbs and Germans:

Year Landowner Landownership in Sessions
Serbs  German
112 99
Serbs  German
87 53
103 163
57 83

 From 1835 to 1855, the following family names appear in India:

The names of immigrants from 1825-1835 are marked with an asterisk (*)

Family Names:   Listed by Places of Birth:

Abt, Josef* - Seudl, Franciska*

Albert, Fabijan - Istvan, Katharina

Almadiner, Johann - Anna Maria

Als, Nikolaus

Amstadt, Franz - Schmitucz - Elisabeth

Andres - Josef

Appel, Stefan - Gertner, Elisabeth

Armbruster, Georg - Held, Sofia

Arnol, Sebastian 

Baier, Johann - Richl, Marianne*

Baier, Josef

Baier, Peter - Gjarmati, Theresia*

Balange, Josef - Elisabeth

Balange, Josef - Manchirt, Magdalena

Balange, Katharina

Balinger, Johann - Brucker, Anna

Bankovich, Paul - Hebl, Theresia

Barth, Anton - Rieli, Anna Maria

Barth, Johann

Barth, Michael - Peck, Magdalena

Basel, Josef - Linder, Veronika

Bauer, Josef

Bauer, Peter - Almadinger, Theresia

Bauer, Wendelin - Flok, Anna

Baumann, Adam - Petto, Margaretha

Baumann, Adam* - Peter, Gertrude

Baumann, Peter - Katharina

Baumann, Peter - Schnirer, Theresia

Baumgartner, Johann - Kaiser, Katharina

Beer, Lorenz - Pachert, Anna

Beer, Luitgard

Beftan, Johann - Pucher, Elisabeth

Beftan, Nikolaus

Bernhart, Martin - Janzcon, Theresia

Bertl, Anton

Bertl, Josef - Kupferschmidt, Anna

Bertl, Wilhelm - Feldtänzer, Maria

Bertl, Wilhelm - Merscher, Barbara

Bilg, Anton

Bishof, Mathias*- Boor, Anna*

Bishof, Mathias* - Forhans, Barbara*

Bishof, Mathias* - Groß, Magdalena

Boor, Georg* - Mayer, Magdalena

Boor, Josef* - Titz, Anna*

Boor, Peter* - Kfreer, Marianna

Both, Georg - Margarethe

Botz, Adam - Dibisch, Rosalia*

Botz, Johann - Roth, Magdalena*

Botz, Michael

Botz, Nikolaus - Schwartz, Anna*

Botz, Stefan

Braun, Johann - Keringer, Katharina

Braun, Mathias

Brenner, Benedikt - Müller, Magdalena

Brenner, Lorentz

Brenner, Lorenz - Seutz, Margarethe

Bresho, Franz* - Piller, Katharina*

Brucker, Johann - Sommer, Magdalena

Bruner, Andreas

Bruner, Josef - Ritter, Veronika

Bruner, Josef - Kerper, Magdalena

Buterer, Anton - Moor, Theresia

Buterer, Sebastian

Butterer, Josef - Reitermann, Katharina* 

Czement, Jakob

Czimer, Peter - Schafhauser, Anna

Czng ( Czing), Stefan - Hamerl, Katharina 

Deato, Jakob - Bertl, Katharina

Deato, Michael - Mesh, Katharina

Debesz, Franz

Debesz, Johann - Peck, Elisabeth

Debesz, Leopold - Lederer, Katharina

Dibisch, Fabijan* - Rapp, Marianna

Dibisch, Georg* - Hann, Elisabetha

Duft, Herrmann* - Vilhelm, Elisabeth

Duft, Peter - Margaretha

Duft, Peter

Duft, Peter - Schmidtberger, Magdalena*

Duft, Thomas - Tups, Anna 

Eberth, Franz* - Fritz, Magdalena

Eberth, Heinrich* - Sander, Maria

Eberth, Peter* - Kucherin, Magdalena

Eberth, Peter* - Braun, Theresia

Ebl, Franz Xaver

Ebl, Stefan - Gärtner, Elisabeth

Eichinger, Adam - Holtzhauser, Rosalia

Eichinger, David - Reszl, Barbara

Eichinger, Georg - Kersch, Margaretha*

Eichinger, Josef - Gümpl, Anna

Eichinger, Michael - Jung, Katharina

Eichinger, Stefan - Gruber, Magdalena

Eichhorn, Johann

Eichhorn, Johann - Tauberth, Klara*

Eisenmann, Mathias - Rifner, Anna

Elgecz, Josef - Rudolf, Katharina

Elgecz, Michael - Anna

Elgecz, Nikolaus - Prian, Elisabeth

Engel, Anton - König, Katharina*

Engel, Ernst

Engel, Jakob - Pinter, Anna

Engelmann, Andreas

Engelmann, Anton - Ott, Katharina

Erhart, Adam - Folk (Polch), Katharina

Erhart, Friedrich* - Schwarz, Rosalia

Erhart, Kaspar* - Mayer, Theresia

Erhart, Kaspar - Müller, Rosina

Ertl, Georg - Libak, Karolina

Esbach, Josef - Knebl, Katharina 

Fabian, Albert

Falcz, Jakob - Veihrauch, Kristina

Falcz, Jakob - Pitt, Anna*

Falk, Franz - Schorstein, Anna

Färber, Franz

Färber, Georg - Friedmann, Anna

Färber, Josef - Offner, Theresia

Fastnacht, Melchior* - Rech, Magdalena

Feldtänczer, Hieronymus - Stabler, Anna

Feller, Heinrich - Epl, Maria

Feller, Heinrich - Bauer, Klara

Feller, Johann

Feller, Josef - Theresia

Feller, Josef - Stork, Eva

Feszl, Leonard

Feszler, Balthasar - Moor, Elisabeth*

Fetter, Josef - Bruner, Elisabeth

Findrich, Franz - Babos, Elisabetha

Fingler, Georg - Schneider, Marianna*

Fingler, Kristof - Lenn, Kristine

Fischler, Leopold - Negler, Anna Maria*

Flamann, Nikolaus - Vilhelm, Katharina

Flatinger, Franz - Seutz, Julianna

Folk, Anton* - Piller, Susanna

Folk, Johann* - Kratz, Anna

Folk, Konrad* - Balange, Marianna

Folk, Wendelin* - Peck, Katharina

Folk, Wendelin* - Duft, Susanna

Folmer, Josef

Forhans, Anton* - Volf, Rosalia

Forhans, Anton* - Mesh, Katharina

Forhans, Franz - Beer, Katharina

Forhans, Franz - Rech, Magdalena

Forhans, Jakob* - Lenn, Kristine

Frer, Johann - Czap, Magdalene

Freer, Karl - Hamer, Juditha

Freer, Sebastian - Hamerl, Katharina

Freer, Valentin - Marianna

Freyhaut, Anton*- Engelmann, Katharina

Freyhaut, Bartholomäus* - Hentrich, Margarethe

Freyhaut, Jakob - Theresia

Freyhaut, Johann* - Teer, Klara

Freyhaut, Johann* - Koch, Barbara

Freyhaut, Kristof* - Kaus, Theresia*

Freyhaut, Nikolaus

Frick, Leopold - Fingler, Marianna

Friedrich, Jakob - Reitermann, Katharina

Friedmann, Josef

Frischmann, Josef

Fritz, Sebastian

Frück, Balthasar

Fuchs, Josef 

Ganz, Georg - Gerstner, Theresia

Ganz, Josef - Kapp, Marianne

Gärtmer, Adam - Heinrich, Katharina

Gärtner, Anton - Alagvand, Eva

Gärtner, Elisabeth

Gärtner, Filip

Gärtner, Franz - Herrniss, Katharina

Gärtner, Jakob - Engelmann, Marianna

Gärtner, Johann - Lackner, Elisabeth

Gärtner, Josef - Bauer, Gertrude

Gärtner, Peter - Neugebauer, Elisabeth

Gärtner, Valentin - Kremer, Katharina*

Gärtner, Valentin - Fritz, Magdalene

Gasmann, Johann - Gärtner, Elisabeth

Gasmann, Josef - Spreiczer, Kristina

Gerhart, Martin

Geringer, Adam

Geringer, Josef - Kail, Theresia

Geringer, Josef - Gjarmati, Katharina

Gernhard, Georg

Gernhard, Simon - Seutz, Barbara

Gerstner, Georg

Gerstner, Johann - Peck, Theresia

Gjermati, Anna

Gjermati, Johann - Sax, Katharina

Gjermati, Johann* - Folk, Katharina*

Gjermati, Michael* - Venczler, Theresia*

Gjermati, Stefan* - Piller, Barbara

Glück, Johann

Göszl, Wilhelm - Hartmann, Katharina

Granaker, Stefan

Gratz, Jakob - Katharina

Gratz, Johann - Gräfin, Anna

Gratz, Johann* - Versching, Magdalena

Gratz, Michael* - Peter, Elisabeth

Gratz, Peter* - Hann, Anna

Gratz, Stefan* - Erhart, Katharina*

Graus, Andreas

Grescher, Kristian

Grisbaum, Johann - Merczweiler, Maria

Grisbaum, Kristian

Grishaber, Kristian - Korhamer, Rosa

Grishaber, Magdalena*

Gruber, Michael - Kfrer, Katharina*

Gruber, Peter

Grünn, Johann

Gulrich, Michael* - Wilhelm, Theresia*

Gümpl, Andreas - Heger, Elisabeth*

Gümpl, Filip

Guth, Kristof - Gemann, Katharina 

Haberbusch, Adam

Haberbusch, Josef - Friedmann, Anna

Haberbusch, Mathias - Stein, Eva

Haberbusch, Michael - Offner, Katharina

Haberbusch, Michael - Venczler, Agath

Haberkorn, Konrad - Dibisch, Eva*

Häfner, Georg

Häffner, Kaspar - Klara

Häfner, Peter - Keul, Katharina

Haindl, Emerich - Erga, Elisabeth

Halter, Melchior - Maul, Kristina

Hammer, Georg - Leb, Franciska

Hamer, Josef

Hammer, Michael

Hamerle, Peter

Handl, Johann - Balogh, Emilia

Hann, Anton - Noll, Franciska

Hann, Jakob - Vilhelm, Elisabeth

Hann, Johann - Margaretha

Hann, Johann - Granaker, Theresia

Hann, Josef - Trapp, Theresia

Hartmann, Franz - Rakoczy, Katharina

Hartmann, Jakob

Haß, Georg - Barth, Theresia

Haß, Georg - Seutz, Elisabetha

Haß, Lorenz - Gärtner, Theresia

Haß, Sebastian - Volf, Apolonia*

Hebl, Ignatz - Vershing, Elisabeth*

Hebl, Johann

Hebel, Johann - Grisbaum, Anna

Hehn, Josef

Heimrich, Josef - Imhof, Theresia

Heinrich, Franz - Teer, Anna Maria*

Heinrich, Johann - Hann, Elisabetha

Heinrich, Johann - Bauer, Anna

Heinrich, Johann - Offenbecher, Julianna*

Heinrich, Josef - Schneider, Margaretha*

Heinrich, Josef - Friedmann, Rosalia

Hekl, Adam - Balange, Theresia

Hekl, Franz - Kraft, Magdalena

Hekl, Johann - Tetl, Marianna

Hekl, Michael

Hekl, Vendelin* - Heger, Elisabeth*

Held, Josef

Helfrich, Anna Maria

Heneberger, Johann

Heneberger, Valentin - Veber, Elisabeth

Heneberger, Valentin - Lunberger, Anna Maria

Hentrich, Mathias - Margaretha

Herberth, Heinrich* - Müller, Barbara*

Herberth, Josef - Titz, Barbara*

Herberth, Valentin

Herrmann, Heinrich - Kotler, Katharina

Herrmann, Johann - Mersher, Anna

Herrmann, Johann - Reitermann, Julianna*

Herrmann, Josef - Spieß, Theresia

Herrmann, Josef - Mörder, Magdalena

Herrnes, Georg

Heß, Fidelis - Katharina

Hill, Andreas - Fricz, Elisabeth

Hinn, Jakob - Kaus, Katharina

Hipsch, Magdalena

Hitzfelder, Georg - Binel, Theresia

Hoffmann, Anton - Peck, Katharina

Hohenberger, Balthasar* - Schamann, Anna

Hohenberger, Johann - Gantz, Anna

Horvath, Adam

Horvath, Franz - Podinger, Theresia

Horvath, Michael - Marianna

Horvath, Michael* - Seutz, Julianna

Horvath, Stefan - Bruner, Veronika

Hunger, Georg* - Bresho, Elisabeth* 

Ibach, Andreas

Ibach, Nikolaus, Ochs, Barbara* 

Jauch, Jakob - Elisabeth

Jermer, Adam - Eichinger, Anna

Johansthal, Bartholomeus* - Bauer, Katharina

Johansthal, Bartholomeus* - Schmidt, Anna

Johansthal, Josef* - Hamer, Elisabeth

Johansthal, Josef*- Straub, Veronika

Jung, Josef

Jung, Karl - Gottergeber, Viktoria

Jung, Mathias

Jung, Michael

Jungbold, Bernard - Jungert, Katharina

Junger, Karl - Viktoria

Junger, Pankratz - Veiner, Elisabeth 

Kail, Valentin

Kamaczin, Adam - Seufert, Kristina

Kamaczint, Jakob - Elisabeth

Kammer, Josef

Kapp, Josef - Veber, Valburga

Keller, Mathias - Fridrich, Elisabeth

Kemmer, Josef

Kerch, Jakob

Keringer, Rosina

Kerper, Johann

Kersch, Josef* - Baumann, Theresia

Kersch, Lorenz* - Türk, Katharina

Kesler, Kristian - Franciska

Keßler, Peter - Deato, Anna

Keul, Anton - Botz, Katharina

Keul, Anton - Heinrich, Elisabeth

Keul, Georg - Schönheber, Anna Maria

Keul, Josef - Peter, Theresia

Keul, Josef - König, Elisabeth*

Keul, Valentin - Bauer, Kristine

Keul, Valentin - Pushpacher, Katharina

Kihner, Florian - Till, Rosalia

Kilbert, Jakob

Kimpel, Jakob - Terner, Theresia

Kinder, Andreas - Rauch, Helene

Kirenz, Franz

Kirschenheiter, Heinrich

Klein, Franz

Klein, Georg Johann - Malonay, Katharina

Kler, Josef - Stein, Katharina

Kler, Nikolaus

Koch, Anton - Pens, Margaretha*

Koch, Johann - Ilien, Ursula

Koch, Johann - Gratz, Katharina*

Koch, Johann - Friedmann, Barbara

Koch, Sebastian

Köhl, Franz - Gümpl, Katharina

Köhl, Georg - Lee, Elisabeth

Köhl, Jakob - Schwarz, Marianna*

Köhl, Johann - Marianna

Köhl, Johann - Braunstein, Katharina

Köhl, Josef - Heger, Barbara*

Kolb, Benedikt - Hastdenteufel, Eva

Kolb, Jakob - Margaretha

Kolb, Karl - Katharina

Koller, Anton - Varga, Katharina

König, Josef* - Peck, Agatha

König, Stefan

König, Thomas

König, Vilhelm

König, Vilhelm - Jung, Kristine

Kopolt, Anton - Schvemlein, Magdalena

Kopolt, Johann - Katharina

Kopolt, Josef - Visner, Elisabeth*

Kopolt, Josef - Bauer, Elisabeth

Koscher, Josef - Hartmann, Magdalena

Kraft, Georg - Lux, Margaretha

Kraft, Georg - Gärtner, Magdalena

Kraft, Johann

Kratz, Gregor - Pill, Susanna*

Kratz, Jakob - Kobolth, Elisabeth

Kratz, Jakob - Hamerle, Magdalena

Krotz, Johann

Kratz, Josef - Folmer, Franciska

Kratz, Peter - Barbara

Kratz, Peter - Eilbös, Elisabeth

Kremer, Anton* - Köhl, Katharina

Kremer, Georg* - Rieli, Margaretha

Kremer, Gregor - Braun, Apolonia

Kremer, Herrmann

Kremer, Nikolaus - Graus, Margaretha

Kremer, Stefan - Lee, Eva

Kremer, Stefan - Milla, Cäcilia

Kühner, Florian - Als, Katharina

Kümpl, Josef - Mesli, Maria

Kupferschmidt, Augustin - Schili, Magdalena

Kupferschmidt, Peter - Herrmann, Margaretha

Kürschenhäuter, Adolf - Linder, Katharina 

Lamberti, Franz* - Mayer, Elisabeth

Lamberti, Johann* - Töjes, Julianna

Lamberti, Josef* - Hergerth, Magdalena

Lamberti, Peter* - Reitermann, Theresia

Lampl, Johann - Katharina

Landherr, Gabriel

Lang, Josef * - Mesh, Marianna*

Langbein, Jakob - Sigmund, Katharina

Lazinsky, Josef* - Fingler, Elisabeth

Lederer, Georg* - Elgetz, Susanna

Lederer, Georg* - Haß, Magdalena

Lederer, Georg* - Kupferschmidt, Anna

Lederer, Georg* - Vilhelm, Katharina*

Lederer, Jakob* - Schöfer, Katharina*

Lederer, Klara*

Lederer, Paul* - Peter, Katharina

Leiners, Adam

Leiners, Johann - Sigmund, Theresia

Lex, Andreas

Lex, Johann - Richl, Katharina*

Lex, Mathias

Linburger, Johann

Linder, Johann - Pehm, Katharina

Ling, Johann

Ling Johann - Schwab, Eva

Ling, Johann - Reitermann, Theresia

Ling, Nikolaus - Peck, Anna Maria

Ling, Nikolaus - Gernhart, Margarethe

Ling, Nikolaus - Engelmann, Marianna

Loperger, Franz - Brenner, Magdalena

Ludwig, Mathias - Peder, Anna

Lukas, Josef - König, Katharina

Lumburger, Lorenz

Lunberger, Johann 

Mädchen, Heinrich - Elgecz, Susanna

Mädchen, Johann

Magnet, Mathias

Malogh, Lorenz - Gratz, Anna

Malogh, Peter

Malogh, Peter - Kopolt, Katharina

Malok, Peter - Lex, Margarethe

Manchirt, Josef

Mandl, Michael - Pehm, Anna

Manes, Michael - Butter, Eva

Mark, Anton - Feldtänczer, Klara

Marpeck, Johann - Pecker, Katharina

Marpeck, Mathias

Mayer, Alojsia

Mayer, Anna

Mayer, Franz - Kemmer, Judith

Mayer, Franz

Mayer, Georg - Kübel, Katharina

Mayer, Mathias - Peck, Katharina

Mayer, Nikolaus - Gärtner, Barbara

Mayer, Nikolaus - Kammer, Marianna

Meczker, Georg - Kolb, Katharina*

Mederle, Johann Michael - Andrishek, Apolonia*

Megler, Andreas* - Nachreiner, Eva*

Meisel, Josef - Kindlinger, Rosalia

Meixner, Anton

Meixner, Georg - Perchy, Anna

Meixner, Kristian - Veihrauch, Katharina

Menzel, Josef - Kindler, Rosalia

Merli, Anton* - Volf, Katharina

Merli, Anton* - Gernhart, Klara

Mersher, Peter

Mesh, Georg - Johanna

Mesh, Josef - Hunjash, Veronika

Mesh, Josef - Barbara

Mesh, Josef - Junger, Katharina

Mesh, Josef - Gärtner, Katharina

Mesh, Martin - Klein, Magdalena

Mesh, Michael, Sinno, Katharina

Mesh, Michael - Müller, Katharina

Mesli, Josef - Türk, Barbara

Mikerle, Michael - Elauer, Eva

Ming, Josef

Ming, Sebastian - Gerbecz, Magdalena

Molczer, Franz*- Braun, Theresia

Moor, Josef

Mohr, Nikolaus* - Petto, Anna

Mörder, Franz - Täubel, Katharina

Müller, Adam - Steiner, Magdalena

Müller, Anna

Müller, Georg

Müller, Heinrich

Müller, Jakob - Kersch, Katharina*

Müller, Johann, Czapf, Elisabeth

Müller, Josef* - Venczl, Margaretha*

Müller, Medard

Müller, Nikolaus

Müller, Peter

Müller, Stefan - Hinn, Elisabeth*

Müller, Vendelin 

Negler, Anton* - Stadler, Magdalena

Negler, Anton* - Andrishek, Margaretha

Nikl, Johann - Illin, Agatha

Noll, Lorenz 

Obermann, Mathias - Gärtner, Anna

Obermann, Michael - Mayer, Margaretha

Offenbecher, Melchior - Eschbach, Kristina

Offenbecher, Simon - Trapp, Theresia

Ofenberger, Josef

Offner, Franz - Husel, Barbara

Ott, Simeon - Herrmann, Marianna 

Pachert, Andreas - Anna

Pachert, Anton - Knebel, Theresia

Pachert, Franz* - Thiel, Elisabeth

Pachert, Jakob - Schvemlein, Kristina

Pachert, Josef* - Kerch, Anna

Pachert, Josef - Didio, Veronika

Pachert, Martin* - Titz, Katharina*

Pachert, Mathias - Färber, Magdalena

Pachert, Nikolaus* - Täubl, Anna

Pachert, Stefan* - Reitermann, Anna Maria*

Pallinger, Johann - Schvab, Anna

Papstmann, Anton - Schmidt, Elisabeth

Past, Johann - Ilg, Lauretha

Past, Konrad - Ilg, Elisabetha

Past, Simon - Herberth, Anna*

Pastmann, Jakob

Pechner, Mathias - Bernhart, Marianna

Peck, Divald

Pecker, Martin

Peder, Johann

Pens, Anton - Elisabeth

Pens, Anton - Schmider, Magdalena

Pens, Josef - Braun, Julianna

Pens, Josef - Färber, Magdalena

Peßt, Friedrich

Peter, Adam - Titz, Magdalena*

Peter, Adam - Sigmund, Theresia

Peter, Johann - Krantzpiller, Barbara

Peter, Johann - Schmidt, Elisabeth

Peter, Johann - Kirenz, Marianna

Peter, Johann - Peck, Marianna

Peter, Martin - Marianna

Peter, Michael

Peto, Anton - Stolz, Eva

Petto, Filip - Fuder, Elisabetha

Petto, Josef - Keul, Elisabetha

Petto, Stefan - Vershing, Anna*

Pfeffer, Johann - Sator, Veronika

Pfefl, Josef - Landherr, Marianna

Pfefl, Josef - Jung Theresia

Pfefl, Josef - König, Katharina

Pfetzer, Michael - Theresia

Pigl, Johann - Marianna

Pigl, Josef - Eichinger, Marianna

Pigl, Peter - Kutser, Magdalena

Pill, Adam - Reinler, Sofia

Pill, Adam - Heinrich, Theresia

Pill, Jakob* - Freihaut, Barbara*

Pill, Michael* - Balange, Theresia

Piller, Johann - Katharina

Piller, Johann - Schneid, Barbara

Plech, Leopold - Turkol, Anna

Pletsch, Ludwig - Tomich, Rosalia

Plecher, Johann - Becher, Margarethe

Pleli, Josef - Merder, Gertrude

Pleli, Josef - Keul, Katharina

Plening, Johann - Pechinger, Margarethe

Plocher, Josef - Pill, Katharina*

Popp, Johann

Popp, Johann - Forhans, Katharina*

Popp, Martin - Loperger, Elisabeth

Postpisch, Ignatz - Moor, Magdalena*

Postpischl, Ignatz - Uleschberger, Barbara

Protil, Peter - Kremer, Katharina

Pucher, Paul - Katharina

Puhl, Mathias

Puhl, Josef - Petrovich, Katharina

Push, Jakob - Ster, Elisabetha*

Push, Kaspar - Anna

Push, Mathias - Heimper, Klara*

Puspacher, Adam - Fadin, Elisabeth

Puspacher, Josef - Erhart, Anna

Pusch, Peter

Puschpacher, Johann

Putser, Michael - Bruner, Katharina

Putser, Stefan* - Schwartz, Theresia*

Putter, Josef - Stichmann, Magdalena

Putra, Peter - Pens, Susanna 

Rak, Josef - Henis, Magdalena

Rapp, Anton

Rapp, Johann - Bon, Magdalena

Rapp, Josef

Rech, Johann - Rakoczy, Rosalia

Rech, Lorenz - Anna

Rein, Jakob - Köhl, Anna

Rein, Josef

Reitermann, Josef - Schefer, Elisabeth*

Reitermann, Kristian* -  Balange, Eva

Reitermann, Peter

Richel, Georg - Hershmann, Margarethe

Rid, Franz - Eichhorn, Anna

Rid, Georg - Rab, Marianna

Rieli, Josef - Hartmann, Elisabeth

Rieli, Josef - Keul, Marianna

Rieli, Mathias - Eberth, Klara*

Rieli, Michael

Rieli, Michael - Pill, Eva*

Rieli, Michael - Pachert, Theresia*

Rieli, Peter - Baumann, Eva

Rith, Augustin - Rosanovich, Theresia

Rith, Georg - Eva

Rith, Johann - Linburger, Katharina

Rith, Kristof - Kolb, Elisabeth

Ritter, Anton - Eva

Rödl, Aleksander

Rohrbacher, Johann

Röhrer, Josef

Roß, Jakob - Forhans, Anna*

Roß, Johann

Roß, Josef - Verbljan, Anna

Rosenfeld, Lorenz - Stichmann, Theresia

Roth, Andreas - Folk, Theresia*

Roth, Konrad

Rothmann, Karl* - Negler, Anna Maria*

Rotter, Michael - Inhofer, Ursula

Rudolf, Nikolaus

Ruhbeck, Martin - Landl, Elisabeth

Rupaner, Mathias - Flatinger, Eva 

Sander, Konrad

Sator, Johann - Huberth, Marianna

Schaefer, Georg* - Reitermann, Anna Maria*

Schaefer, Johann

Schäfer, Josef * - Magnet, Katharina

Schäfer, Nikolaus - Brenner, Katharina

Schafer, Maria

Schamann, Anton - Reitermann, Elisabeth*

Schamann, Michael

Schat, Nikolaus - Illin, Magdalena

Shebig, Josef

Shebig, Michael - Keller, Magdalena

Shebig, Michael - Kirentz, Katharina

Schertz, Johann - Vintergerst, Susanna

Scheter, Barbara

Schil, Johann - Fernais, Maria

Schili, Lorenz - Herrmann, Margaretha

Schillinger, Karl

Schmidt, Blasius

Schmidt, Jakob - Malok, Katharina

Schmidt, Johann - Elisabetha

Schmidt, Lorenz

Schmidt, Michael - Csasch, Regina

Schmuck, Johann* - Keul, Magdalena

Schneid, Michael - Csetz, Regina

Schneider, Bernardus* - König, Barbara*

Schneider, Georg* - Affolder, Theresia*

Schneider, Jakob - Anna Maria

Schneider, Jakob - Mohrmann, Elisabetha

Schneider, Johann* - Venczler, Agatha

Schneider, Josef* - Kopolt, Anna Maria

Schneider, Katharina

Schneider, Kristof* - Hann, Elisabetha

Schneider, Michael - Himmelsbach, Marianna

Schneider, Michael - Brod, Barbara

Schneider, Peter - Kremer, Maria

Schnell, Johann - Anna Maria

Schnell, Martin

Schnell, Michael - Hekl, Anna

Schober, Jakob - Bruner, Magdalena

Schönheber, Johann - Rech, Magdalena

Schönheber, Simeon

Schönheber, Thomas - Malmos, Theresia

Schroth, Georg

Schroth, Johann - Felner, Theresia

Schvab, Filip - Katharina

Schvab, Filip - Pill, Katharina*

Schvab, Georg - Czapf, Elisabetha

Schvab, Johann - König, Susanna*

Schvab, Mathias - Bresho, Rosalia*

Schvab, Mathias - Venczl, Elisabetha*

Schvartz, Adam* - Hipsch, Elisabeth

Schvartz, Andreas* - Hekli, Margaretha*

Schvartz, Andreas* - Köhl, Marianna

Schvartz, Johann - Grifka, Anna

Schvartz, Johann, Henisch, Anna

Schvartz, Johann - Kfreer, Margarethe

Schvartz, Martin - Felinger, Kristine*

Schvartz, Martin* - Erharth, Marianna

Schvartz, Rosalia

Schvartz, Stefan* - Magnet, Viktoria

Schvemlein, Michael - Hartmann, Barbara

Schvendemann, Franz - Schober, Rosalia

Schvendemann, Josef

Schvendemann, Paul - Rith, Theresia

Schulmaier, Eugen - Reitin, Margaretha

Schulmayer, Eugen - Vilhelm, Katharina

Schulmayer, Eugen - Veiß, Margaretha

Schulmayer, Eugen - Pfefl, Barbara

Schulz, Marius - Julianna

Seibert, Martin

Selig, Anton

Sendelbach, Georg* - Duft, Theresia*

Sening, Josef - Nedli - Rosalia

Seudl, Franz* - Steindl, Klara

Seutz, Adam - Schafhauser, Magdalena

Seutz, Johann - Schefer, Barbara

Seutz, Martin - Granaker, Rosalia

Seutz, Nikolaus - Bogner, Marianna*

Sikrest, Johann* - Haber, Veronika*

Sinno, Georg* - Fridrich, Elisabetha

Sinno, Jakob - Kirchhof, Barbara

Sohl, Georg - Triß, Klara*

Sohl, Godofrid

Specht, Josef - Magdalena

Specht, Josef - Täubl, Magdalena

Specht, Nikolaus - Keßler, Agatha

Sper, Josef - Herrn, Marianna

Spies, Anna

Spreiczer, Johann

Stadler, Georg - Pachert, Rosalia

Staidl, Franz - Schvendemann, Theresia

Stemmer, Anna

Ster, Anton* - Schmidt, Elisabeth

Ster, Josef* - Schäfer, Magdalena

Ster, Lukas* - Pill, Katharina*

Steundl, Johann

Stichmann, Adam - Nemlath, Ursula

Stichmann, Franz - Magdalena

Stichmann, Mathias - Schvab, Elisabeth

Stichmann, Mathias - Schefer, Elisabeth*

Stighmann, Mathias - Osmayer, Regina

Stigmann, Stefan - Anna

Stolz, Johann

Stolz, Johann - Ticz, Elisabeth*

Straub, Bernard

Straub, Manibold - Pusch, Marianna

Straub, Ubaldus - Schmidt, Anna

Sudar, Josef - Pest, Magdalena

Sudar, Michael - Anna Maria

Sutar, Augustinus - Bart, Katharina

Szigmund, Josef 

Tash, Ignatz* - Keul, Rosalia

Täubel, Anton - Folmer, Franciska

Täubel, Benedikt

Täubel, Franz - Horvath, Theresia*

Täubel, Josef - Veßl, Elisabeth

Täubel, Martin - Elisabeth

Täubel, Martin - Stichmann, Theresia

Täubel, Martin - Velk, Magdalena

Täubel, Michael - Gjermati, Theresia

Täubel, Michael - Menx, Katharina

Täubel, Michael - Velch, Josefa

Täubel, Sebastian

Tauberth, Johann* - Iklesin, Ursula*

Teer, Heinrich* - Keller, Katharina*

Teer, Jakob* - Gärtner, Anna Maria

Teichmann, Karl - Gjarmati, Katharina

Thiel, Sebastian - Ritner, Margaretha

Thiel, Sebastian - Vilhelm, Kristine

Titz, Emerich* - Freyhaut, Margaretha*

Titz, Mathias* - Virtz, Magdalena

Titz, Pankratz - Shaumann, Anna Maria

Titz, Pankratz* - Pusch, Anna

Trapp, Mathias

Trettner, Anton

Triß, Jakob* - Eichinger, Theresia

Triß, Kaspar* - Gärtner, Theresia

Tups, Adam - Merczveiler, Marianna

Tups, Johann - Rosalia

Tups, Josef - Pachert, Apolonia*

Türk, Johann

Türk, Kristian - Katharina 

Valter, Franz - Rödl, Klara

Valter, Kaspar - Volf, Anna Maria*

Valter, Mathias - Vilhelm, Elisabeth*

Valter, Sebastian - Boxin, Anna Maria

Valter, Stefan - Herrmann, Magdalena

Valtinger, Johann - Bruker, Anna

Veber, Ciriakus - Tengler, Elisabeth

Veber, Friedrich

Veber, Georg - Schäfer, Elisabeth*

Veber, Heinrich - Barbara

Veber, Johann - Puspacher, Theresia

Veihrauch, Peter

Veis, Mathias - Vilhelm, Margarethe

Veis, Nikolaus - Vilhelm, Eva*

Veiß, Nikolaus - Jung, Eva

Veiß, Stefan - Vilhelm, Margaretha

Veiß, Stefan - Müller, Katharina

Velk, Anton - Magdalene

Vellenberger, Anton - Lendvay, Regina

Venczel, Anton* - Hastdenteufel, Margaretha

Venczel, Leonard* - Kleer, Katharina

Venczel, Nikolaus - Frenczi, Franciska

Venczl, Nikolaus - Stranczin, Elisabetha

Venczler, Georg - Peter, Barbara

Venczler, Michael - Theresia

Verner, Jakob - Getti, Elisabetha

Verner, Jakob - Fleischhacker, Anna

Verner, Jakob - Magdalena

Verner, Jakob - Reitermann, Maria

Verner, Johann - Heinrich, Magdalena

Verner, Michael - Veber, Kristine

Verner, Peter - Magnet, Marianna

Vershing, Johann* - Schmidt, Elisabetha

Vieg, Jakob - Linder, Anna

Vieg, Konrad* - Lamberti, Anna Maria*

Vicze, Eva

Vilhelm, Anton* - Malogh, Theresia

Vilhelm, Filip - Triczler, Anna

Vilhelm, Franz

Vilhelm, Franz - Cindlin, Anna Maria

Vilhelm, Georg* - Gärtner, Katharina

Vilhelm, Johann - Katharina

Vilhelm, Josef* - Ebert, Margaretha*

Vilhelm, Katharina

Vilhelm, Martin - Hergeth, Magdalena

Vilhelm, Mathias

Vilhelm, Stefan - Täubel, Eva

Vilhelm, Vendelin - Fingler, Maria

Viner, Franz

Viner, Kaspar - Arnol, Katharina

Virtz, Georg

Vizner, George - Arnold, Theresia

Vizner, Johann* - Peter, Elisabetha

Volf, Anton - Jeger, Theresia

Volf, Augustin - Halter, Anna Maria

Volf, Jakob

Volf, Johann

Volf, Johann - Glück, Anna

Volf, Lorenz - Johannsthal, Eva*

Volf, Lorenz - Pesth, Margaretha*

Volf, Vendelin - Specht, Marianna

Volpert, Franz

Volpert, Franz -Postpischl, Maria 

Zundel, Martin - Menx, Katharina




Piller, Katharina 


Seibert, Martin 


Beer, Anna nee Pachert

Bernhardt, Martin

Gruber, Michael

Gruber, Peter

Kerch, Jakob

Kremer, Herrmann

Leiners, Adam

Magnet, Mathias

Mayer, Georg

Pachert, Andreas

Pachert, Veronika nee Didio

Pastmann, Jakob

Reitermann, Eva nee Balange

Schäfer, Katharina nee Magnet

Schneider, Peter

Schwartz, Margarethe nee Kfreer

Verner, Marianna nee Magnet 


Bruker, Johann

Eberth, Peter

Koch, Sebastian

Pallinger, Anna nee Schvab

Pens, Magdalena nee Schmider

Rieli, Klara nee Eberth

Vilhelm, Margarethe nee Eberth 

Cservenka  (Tscherwenka)

Marpeck, Mathias 

Csonoplja  (Tschonoplja)

Gasmann, Johann

Kraft, Johann

Kraft, Jakob

Kratz, Peter

Lukas, Katharina nee König

Müller, Heinrich

Müller, Katharina nee Kersch

Pfefl, Katharina nee König

Schneider, Barbara nee König

Schneider, Anna Maria nee Kopolt

Schönheber, Theresia nee Malmos

Seutz, Adam

Seutz, Johann

Sinno, Jakob

Sudar, Magdalena nee Peßt

Triß, Theresia nee Eichinger

Veiß, Katharina nee Müller

Vilhelm, Franz 


Kolb, Benedikt

Rith, Elisabeth nee Kolb 


Eichinger, Georg

Eichinger, Josef

Eichinger, Anna nee Gümpl

Freyhaut, Theresia nee Kaus

Gärtner, Magdalena nee Fritz

Gratz, Anna nee Gräfin

Kremer, Katharina nee Köhl

Kümpl, Jakob

Kümpl, Theresia nee Terner

Kümpl, Josef

Peter, Michael

Push, Kaspar

Rak, Josef

Schvartz, Marianna nee Köhl

Schvartz, Johann

Schvendemann, Josef

Szigmund, Josef

Täubel, Josef

Täubel, Sebastian 


Folk, Konrad

Freyhaut, Johann

Freyhaut, Nikolaus

Herbert, Josef

Herbert, Valentin

Ibach, Barbara nee Ochs

Müller, Peter (Neu-Futok)

Schulmayer, Eugen

Seudl, Franz

Trapp, Mathias

Veber, Friedrich

Veber, Georg 


Dibisch, Marianna nee Rapp

Feldtänczer, Anna nee Stabler

Rapp, Johann

Schmidt, Blasius 


Botz, Adam

Botz, Johann

Botz, Michael

Botz, Nikolaus

Botz, Stefan

Buterer, Sebastian,

Hass, Lorenz 


Hekl, Elisabeth, widowed Heger

Putser, Michael

Putser, Katharina nee Bruner

Schneid, Michael

Schober, Magdalena nee Bruner 


Baumann, Adam

Feßler, Balthasar

Feßl, Leonard

Jungbold, Katharina nee Jungert

Kersch, Theresia nee Baumann

Rid, Franz

Rieli, Mathias

Rieli, Michael

Rieli, Eva nee Baumann 


Almadiner, Johann

Baumann, Gertrude nee Peter

Eisenmann, Mathias

Eisenmann, Anna nee Rifner

Gärtner, Katharina nee Heinrich

Gärtner, Katharina nee Herrniß

Gärtner, Valentin

Gernhard, Georg

Gößl, Katharina nee Hartmann

Halter, Melchior

Hann, Elisabetha nee Vilhelm

Hartmann, Jakob

Heneberger, Valentin

Hitzfelder, Georg

Jung, Michael

König, Kristine nee Jung

Koscher, Josef

Koscher, Magdalena nee Hartmann

Lamberti, Magdalena nee Hergerth

Landherr, Gabriel

Lederer, Katharina nee Vilhelm

Lex, Andreas

Ling, Johann

Mayer, Mathias

Müller, Jakob

Sper, Josef

Vilhelm, Magdalena nee Hergeht

Volperth, Franz 


Sohl, Godofrid 


Fingler, Kristine nee Lenn

Frick, Marianna nee Fingler

Vilhelm, Maria nee Fingler 


Haberkorn, Konrad

Stoltz, Johann 


Gerstner, Theresia nee Peck

Peter, Marianna nee Peck

Pigl, Johann 


Schwartz, Rosalia 


Braun, Mathias

Eberth, Theresia nee Braun

Kremer, Georg

Kremer, Margarethe nee Rieli

Mark, Anton

Moor, Nikolaus 


Bertl, Wilhelm

Deato, Jakob

Deato, Katharina nee Bertl

Engel, Anton

Engel, Ernst

Feldtänczer, Hieronymus

Gerstner, Johann

Haberbusch, Eva nee Stein

Kler, Josef

Mark, Klara nee Feldtänczer

Meczker, Katharina nee Kolb

Specht, Nikolaus 


Engelmann, Andreas

Engelmann, Katharina nee Ott

Färber, Franz

Färber, Theresia nee Offner

Frischmann, Josef

Hekl, Franz Xaver

Hehn, Josef

Linder, Katharina nee Pehm

Ling, Marianna nee Engelmann

Meczker, Georg

Pecker, Martin

Rein, Josef 


Specht, Josef 


Piller, Johann 


Buterer, Anton

Deato, Katharina nee Mesh

Forhans, Katharina nee Mesh

Herberth, Barbara nee Titz

Kolb, Eva nee Hastdenteufel

Peck, Marianna

Putra, Peter

Reitermann, Elisabeth nee Schefer

Stichmann, Elisabeth nee Schefer

Sutar, Katharina nee Barth

Titz, Mathias 


Triss, Theresia nee Gärtner 


Gößl, Wilhelm 


Seutz, Marianna nee Bogner 


Häfner, Katharina nee Keul

Keul, Anton

Keul, Georg

Keul, Josef

Merli, Anton

Merli, Klara nee Gernhart

Pfefl, Josef

Pleli, Katharina nee Keul

Sutar, Augustin 

St. Thomas

Sator, Johann 


Buterer, Theresia nee Moor

Fischler, Leopold

Fritz, Sebastian

Moor, Josef

Petto, Josef 


Peter, Katharina 


Bertl, Barbara nee Mersher

Eberth, Maria nee Sander

Frer, Johann

Kupferschmidt, Magdalena nee Schili

Past, Simon

Push, Elisabeth nee Ster

Pushpacher, Johann

Puschpacher, Elisabeth

Ster, Josef 


Grescher, Kristian 



Müller, Adam 


Pletsch, Ludwig 


Müller, Nikolaus 


Schneider, Josef 


Ibach, Andreas 


Schwartz, Anna nee Grifka 


Hartmann, Franz 



Grünn, Johann 


Mädchen, Johann 


König, Thomas

Mayer, Alojsia

Boor, Georg 


Past, Johann

Past, Konrad 


Bankovich, Paul

Czimmer, Peter

Puhl, Josef 


Butterer, Josef

Lederer, Jakob 


Feller, Eva nee Stork

Valter, Mathias 


Duft, Magdalena nee Schmidtberger 


Heß, Fidelis 


Ritter, Anton 



Ming, Josef 



Beftan, Nikolaus 


Bikics  (Bikitsch)

Koch, Anton

Müller, Johann 

Feldvar  (Tisza-Feldvar)

Kirschenhäuter, Adolf

Kirschenheiter, Heinrich 


Sening, Josef 


Fuchs, Josef

Rödl, Aleksander (from Gins)

Schafer, Maria (from Lorenzberg, Carinthia)

Valter, Klara nee Rödl (from Vienna) 


Schillinger, Karl 


Schneider, Jakob

Mederle, Johann Michael (from Göggingen) 


Bilg, Anton 


Valter, Franz (surgeon, from Jungferndorf) 


Täubel, Josefa nee Velk 


Verner, Kristine nee Veber


Note: Dr. Wendelin Mueller was physician in India and his son Joseph was a jurist (Attorney), Dr. Joseph Mueller, and his English was outstanding. He contributed many story's to the "(INDIAER RUNDBRIEF) He died not so long ago as Oberregierungsrat J. Mueller in Muenchen, Bavaria.

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