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List of Danube Swabians killed by Marshall Tito's Regime

The Disappearance of Yugoslav Ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche)

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The AVNOJ-Regulations and the Genocide of the Germans in Yugoslavia between 1944-1948. About 30,000 people belonged to the Deutsch-Untersteirer (in the Banat, in the Batschka & in Syrmia more than 7000 civilians had been murdered:

Introduction to the Armed Formations of the German National Group (Volksgruppe) in the Independent State of Croatia (Einsatzstaffel der Deutsche Mannschaft (ES d. DM)) by H.L. deZeng IV


Part-time civilian local defense units, initially called Ortsschutz and then from 1943 Deutsche Heimatwacht (German Home Guard), were established in many of the individual Volksdeutsch communities in Slavonia and Syrmia as the danger of partisan attack intensified from the end of 1941. Rather than being considered formal units, these local defense formations were designated by the name of their town or village.


The German ethnic group in Croatia and Bosnia had a 1941 population of 150,000 to 200,000, depending on the source consulted. The first steps to establish armed formations within the group were taken on 21 June 1941 with the creation of the Deutsche Mannschaft (DM) from qualified men between 18 and 45 years of age, as a para-military party organization set up for self-defense purposes and somewhat similar to the Allgemeine-SS in Germany.


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