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Peter Dautermann, born abt. 1744, was a Blacksmith in Diemeringen, near Zabern/Alsace, about 1785 was settled in Tscherwenka/Banat, +6.1.1809, married to Maria Margaretha. Peter is listed as filing for land in the Austro/Hungarian Empire.

The Federmanns came from the Pfalz(Palatine) and the Rheinland. Johann Samuel, son of Johann Martin Federmann and Margarethe born 8.22.1756 in Morschheim, Kirchheimbolanden/Pfalz, He was in Kischker in 1786. His wife was Elisabeth Gertrud Helwig from Munsterhof/Dreisen.

Thomas Sklena, born abt. 1726 was the first of the Sklenas to come to the Banat from Kettowitz (Chotebudice), Bohemia/Czech. Thomas first settled in Oppova before settling in Apfeldorf/Jabuka. Glasberg=Sklena in Czech.

The Ketterer family has been connected with the creation of the cuckoo clock. Bernhard Ketterer, age 22, wife Luitgard, with a son, Mathias age 1, from Geroldseck/Schwarzwald arrived 1770 as a Reich's colonist. In 1773 he was in Pantschowa, and later settled in Apfeldorf/Jabuka.

I never met my grandparents - mom had never met her aunt - and only heard negative stories from back home. She came to the US twice - 1st in 1906 and returned for some unknown reason and came back in 1909 and married grampa Kaiser shortly after in Barberton, Ohio. My Dautermann Oma died in 1960 when I was 6, my only memory about her was being in the back seat of the car while my sister Leni was driving mom to the grocery store (she was driving on her permit) and mom was reading the letter she just received telling her that her mother had passed away - needless to say we didn't go grocery shopping. My mom had never seen her mother again after leaving Lager Haid in 1951.


Top, Magdalena, my grandmother, to her right, Theresia, the aunt
my parents lived with when they first came to America - I called her Grandma Kaiser

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