Györköny / Gyorkony, Hungary (Official)
Jerking / Yerking (German)
Jörking / Jorking
Jörging / Jorging
Jürging / Jurging

  • Tolna County
  • Györköny: A Short History by Henry Fischer
  • Conflict in Györköny by Henry Fischer
  • Lookups Guide: Henry Fischer - Györköny (Evangelical Lutheran) 1720-1801) (Also includes:  Paks, Bikács) Church Record Transcriptions
  • The villagers from Gyorkony have an annual picnic in Akron every year.  They called their village Yerking which is a corruption of the Hungarian name. [HF]
  • I'm the Mayor in Györköny. I was very happy, when I read information on DVHH about Györköny. We have website: You can read this website in Hungarian, we try German and English too. We make the English version soon.
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