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Emigration From Somogy County to Slavonia & the United States (1860-1914) 

Former Lands:

Swabian Turkey Heimatbooks

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Tolna County - Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census: Hungarian Names of Villages & Cities
& LDS / Family History Center Microfilm Numbers

Baranya (Swabisch Turkei) County - Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census: Hungarian Names of Villages & Cities & LDS / Family History Center Microfilm Numbers

Germans & Hungarians: 1828 Land Census
Mrs. Martha Remer Conner
About The Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census

List of Citizens killed by Marshall Tito's Regime - Danube Swabians killed - Database

Synergia Genealogy Research

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Notes & Tips from Henry Fischer!

Heimatbucher which means they deal with the story and history of certain villages or groups of villages.  They usually provide information on some of the families who lived there, while there are others like the Hengl books which are lists of colonists who arrived in various places chiefly in the Baranya which was the center of his research.  H. Fischer

Archivist in Szekszard: For those who are doing any research with regard to Swabian Turkey, especially in terms of Tolna County, through Joseph Martin I have been given an email address for the archivist in Szekszard that contains documents, conscription lists, contracts, etc for those interested in learning more about the early settlement that took place on the von Mercy estates along with the other Hungarian nobles and landowners. If you cannot communicate in German I would be happy to assist you or you can try Babelfish. The archivist is: Dr. Gyula Dobos and his email address is: tolnalev@c32.hu

There are costs involved in securing copies of any documents or contracts.

Henry Fischer, Swabian Turkey Coordinator

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