Swabian Turkey History

The Settlement of Tolna County by the Swabians  by Johann Weidlein, Article from his monograph entitled:  A Tolnamegyei Német Telepitésé. Translated by Henry Fischer. (10 Feb 2013)

Bátaszék in the Tolna: A History (from the Bátaszék, Heimatbuch der Grossgemeinde Bátaszék im Komitat Tolnau (Ungarn) by Johannes Göbelt, Pécs and is partially a translation and summary by Henry Fischer.

The Destruction of German Lutheranism In Swabian Turkey by Heinrich Keri

Györköny: A Short History by Henry Fischer

Bikács, in Tolna County: A Short History by Henry Fischer

Post World War II & Leidensweg "the way of sorrows" for the Donauschwaben . . .

Völkermord der Tito-Partisanen" 1944-1948" /"Genocide Carried out by the Tito Partisans" translated by Henry Fischer.  Chapter 4: Tito's Starvation Camps - The Cauldron: Baranya

The Settlement of the Village of Majos by Heinrich Marz (from his book Heimatbuch und Ortschronik von Majos/Majesch, 1997.)

The Early History and Development Of the Lutheran Congregations and Church District Of Swabian Turkey in the 18th Century by Gustav Schmidt-Tomka, translated by Henry Fischer

The Inhabitants of Gyönk Settle in Mekenyes 1735 by Henry Fischer

The Settlement of Gyönk After the Turkish Occupation by Henry Fischer

Conflict in Györköny by Henry Fischer


Important dates in Danube Swabian history:

The colonization came to be known as
"der Grosse Schwabenzuge" or the
"Great Swabian Trek."
The majority of the migration took place in three
phases which were named after their Habsburg sponsors:

1718 to 1737
1. The "Karolinische Ansiedlung,"
or Caroline colonization

2. The "Maria Theresianische Ansiedlung,"
or Maria Theresian colonization

1782 to 1787
3. The "Josephinische Ansiedlung," or
Josephine colonization, under Joseph II


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