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The Ament's
a Donauschwaben family

from Sotting, Tompojevci, Syrmien and Obrowatz, Batschka

by Kurt McCrary


Little is known yet, about the actual origins of the Ament family. Hopefully with  DNA testing the questions will be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion.  What we do know That our AMEND family lived in Franconia, Germany during the Middle ages. They lived in a small village of Reicholzheim, nestled in the Tauber Valley. The village was ruled by the White Monks of Bronnbach for about 600 years. 

During the 18th century the "Schwabenzug" or Great Swabian Migration began. This was the beginning of government-sponsored migration to repopulate the area once controlled by the Turks, with farmers. The sponsors then could maintain control and generate monies. Many Germans, because of the wars, and mostly the economic reasons came forth in large numbers. Hoping to overcome the economical burdens and pioneer a prosperous life for their families.


 The first immigrants sponsored by Hungarian nobility and later in far greater numbers by the Hapsburg Emperors, immigrants from the German states and other parts of the "Holy Roman Empire" were encouraged to settle in Southeastern Europe.  In the second of large migration period.Called the Maria Theresia colonization and at the end of the seven-year war, 1763, they took settlers into Batschka.

These Germans, later called Danube-Swabians or "Donauschwaben" after WW1.
The name had developed because of the river that brought them to the area “The Danube” and area in Germany “Swabia” .

 Johann Michael AMEND heard the calling and soon the AMEND Family arrived in Filipowo  Batschka, 1765. In Filipowa Johann prospered and had many children. Johanns Grandson, Jacob AMENT who lost his father and mother early in life, moved to Obrovac.

The name had developed because of the river that brought them to the area “The Danube”and area in Germany “Swabia”. The AMENTS came from the Batschka, in their case a small town called Obrovac /Oberwatz . Jacob AMENT was born there in about 1819. The Aments moved to the Srymien in the mid 1850's were they lived in Tompojevci, and later the children moved to Vinkovci, Lovas and Sotin. Anton AMENT I son of Jacob is the AMENT that moved to Sotin, Croatia.

Sotin, Croatia is a village of about a thousand people and it sits directly on the Danube (Danuve) River.
In the late 1800's Sotin and all the other towns in Croatia, were all part of the massive Austrian –Hungarian Empire. The Austrian - Hungarian Empire was formed in 1867 by giving what was then Hungary a constitution and independence. This set up the structure for Dual Monarchy under HAPSBURG Rule. They were linked by a single flag, and the same ruler, called "emperor" in Austria and "king" in Hungary. This empire started at the borders of Germany and Russia followed down to the Adriatic Sea. The Austrian Hungarian Empire lasted till its down fall in World War I, that ended 1918.

During our research it seems to be two large concentrations of Aments. One in Hungary near Tolna and another well documented family that lived in the “Batschka”. The Batschka is in a area of Vojividina in todays Serbia. A genealogy has been recently compiled of the AMENTS from Elec. The Batchka Ament family seems to have arrived form Germany in the 1700's. Though its a leap, a professional genealogist would never make, without proof, I think its most likely we will find the AMENT's are part of that family. Over fifty (50) AMENT's arived in The USA from the Austria – Hungary during the years between 1890 and 1920. It is not known how many Aments came directly from Germany.

Many of Sotins residents came from the Batschka which was the other side of the Danube. During WW2 a ethnic cleansing effort forced the German families to flee the area. Many were taken to concentration camps and were killed. The Croatian online phone book has listings for 28 AMENT's, however today none are in Vukovar-Sriejm county. The majority are in 3 counties to the west of Vukovar. The AMENT population in the United States according to a genealogical supply company, in 1981 researched 755 households (estimated actual households 861), and at the time there were believed to be 2,419 women, children, and men with the AMENT surname, in the U.S.A.

Trivia: Probably The most famous Ament is The Rock Group, Pearl Jams Jeff AMENT of Seatle also USA President Lyndon Baines JOHNSON Gr. Grandparents were: Suzanne AMENT and John S. Huffman, of which there is no known connection to either family.

The Sotin – Tompojevci Ament family has a private group page for family members only to help with there on going research.

During the early 1900's two Ament cousins who married sisters left Croatia because of economics and civil unrest. Anton Ament at the age of 25, boarded the La Bretagne Le Havre, France December 25th 1909 and arrived at Ellis Island January 3, 1910 The Port Arrival officer said “Anton AMENT” came from Sotin, Hungary, and was going to his brother in law, Mr. Josef LEHNHOF, in Sharon, PA., Anton found employment in a steel mill. He eventually crossed the border into Ohio then, he and his wife pursued share cropping in Michigan.

La Bretagne moored in Havre, France

Antons' cousin Joseph AMENT, was probably b. in Lovas, he must have left Austria-Hungary a few months earlier. His ship manifest has yet to be found but, according to census records Joseph arrived in the USA in a 1909. Joseph “its believed” first stayed with his sister Tereasa's family in Pennsylvania, USA. When he received news that Anton had moved to Port Huron, Michigan. Joseph in turn moved to Michigan were they started farming eventally both buying large farms in Bad Axe, MI. They lived across the street from each other, with the WAHLS / PIEVAK family close by. There family friends were the BURONS's of Port Huron and the BARNHART's of Pigion. Both AMENT cousins raised their families in Michigan and remained there the rest of their lives. Other family members also arrived in Michigan the Pievacs who are related to our Balint line and Rottinger who are related to our Nussbrucker line. The Church records and or “Family books”still need to be scrutinized for information.


1)Jacob AMENT a farmer b.abt,1819 Obrovac , the Batscka near Palanka He d. Tompojevci, Syrmien Jan, 27, 1868 Austria/Hungary he died of Febris Nervosa = ( nerve feaver) buried Tompojevci, 29th Jan. Jacob AMENT m. Maria KALAUNER b.abt 1822 in Ratzmiletic, Batscka, Maria KALUANER died five days after Jacob, d.Feb 1 1868 Tompojevci #7 Austria/Hungary of Typhus. Buried Feb 3, 1868 in Tompojevci.

1-1) Magdalena AMENT  b. (abt)1839 Obrovac
1-2)Teresia AMENT  b. (abt)1852 (probably Obrovac)
1-3)Michael AMENT b.(abt)1853 in Obrovac
1-4)Anton AMENT b.(abt)1860 in Obrovac

 1-1) Jacob ) Magdalena AMENT  b. abt. 1839 m. 1868 March?  23,  Simeon MAYER  (MEJER) b. abt 1846 Gaza/Gara/Gata? Witness's Georgous RUTIGER and Antoinious KALAUNER

1-1-1 )Jacob,Magdalena) Anna MAYER b, July 14, 1869 #4 Tompojevci baptized July 15 1869 godparents were Josef FLIESH and Ann LARVIOS d.May 25, 1877

1-1-1) Jacob,Magdalena) Josef (Josepus) MAYER b. 1872 Martu 18, #7 TompojevciDate of Baptised:18 Martu 1872

1-2)  Jacob) Teresia AMENT b. (abt)  1852 in Tompojevci? (probably Obrovac m.  1871 Feb. 7 Emersonus PUTTERER   Colunus (soloni both  born Tompojevci?)  Witness's :Antonio KALUNER  colonus of Tompojevci, and Mathias LEUS?
1-4-4 Jacb, Terezi) MatijaListopava 16 1878 (Sotin ref:Line:96) Tompojevci Godparents :Anton KRAJ  and Lisaon FUTEKS


1-3 ) Jacob, )Michael AMENT b. (abt) 1853 in Obrovac, the Batschka m. in November 6 1877 Anna TITJUNG b. (abt) 1857 in Kerney Witneses:Paulas SPEER Colonus and Antoniu KALAUNER Colunus of Tompojevci; Anna dau. Of Gabrial. TITJUNG and Elisabeth OSWALD . Michael and Anna lived in Tompojevci and possibly Lovas.



Born in Sotin and Immigrated to the USA in 1910











+1-4-1)Anton AMENT II
Ch. 1-4-1) Jacob, Anton) Anton AMENT II b.Sept 16, 1884 in Sotin, Szerem (on the Danube near Vukovar) d. 1963 in Michigan. Anton AMENT II lived in Sotin and was a construction worker, He worked as a mason and a carpenter while he lived Croatia. At one time according to a family story. He had a dream of making a lot of money in America and going back to Sotin and having a vineyard. But after the wars he had no one to go back to. After his arrival at Ellis Island, He first went to Sharon PA.and worked in the Steel Mill's like many of the people from Syrmien and the Batschka. Anton AMENT II m. (widow) Rosina MARVANJ ALMAS (dau. of Wendal MARVANJ of Opatovac and Maria BALINT of Sotin And grand Daughter of Urban BALINT and Anna HORVATH of Sotin) Rosina MARVANJ b.Sept 5, 1886 in b. Opato, (Opatovac)Austria/Hungary . d.1948 in MI. (OPATOVAC is 157.5 miles ESE of Zagreb about 4 miles south of Sotin.) Rosina first m. Maximilan ALMAS

Rosina MARVANJ ALMAS AMENT left Sotin a few months after him. She met her husband Anton in Ohio. They decided the would like to try share-cropping in Michigan, So in late1910, they caught a train to Port Huron where they started raising their family.

+1-4-1 -0) Maximilian ALMAS) Max ALMAS (Son of Max ALMAS and Rosina MARVANJ ALMAS AMENT) b. Sept 16, 1905 Sotin? Austria/Hungary,
+1-4-1 -1) Jacob, Anton,Anton) Anthony AMENT III b. August 16, 1908 Austria/Hungary,
+1-4-1 -2) Jacob, Anton,Anton) Joseph AMENT b. Michigan, USA
+1-4-1 -3) Jacob, Anton,Anton) John AMENT b. Michigan, USA
+1-4-1 -4) Jacob, Anton,Anton) Steve AMENT b. Michigan, USA
+1-4-1 -5) Jacob, Anton,Anton) Mary AMENT b. Michigan, USA

Joseph AMENT & Magdalena BALINT

Ch. Of Michael AMENT and Anna TITJUNG
+1-3-1) Jacob, Michael ) Joseph AMENT b. Dec 9, 1888, Lovas? Austria/Hungary d. 1974 in Michigan m. 1912 Port Huron, MI . Magdelina BALINT b. June 24, 1893 in Opatovac/Sotin? in (Croatia) Austria Hungary (dau. of Theo BALINT and Maria BALINT / MARVANJ/ BALINT) (Magdelena half sister to Rosina MARVIN) CH.
+1-3-1-1) Jacob, Michael, Joseph) Rose AMENT b. Michigan
+1-3-1-2) Jacob, Michael, Joseph) Steve AMENT b.Michigan

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1) Urban BALINT was a Asciarius = carpenter b. abt 1828 d. at age 40 of Typhus 1868 February 14 (fabuligna sins et mandus) and was buried on the 15th in Sotin. Urban BALINT m. Anna HORVATH Anna was born and raised in Sotin, Address: house # 110, Sottin in 1959 and in 1861 they lived in house #170 Sottin When he died They lived at 110 Sotin again.  Horvaths have been living at this address since the the middle 1700's Urban BALINT name sometimes looked like it was written as PALLIN. Horvath is a common name in Croatia, and means "Croatian" Hrvatska> Croatia in the Sotin History You will read "Sotting and vicinity was ruled/controlled from Wukowar (Vukovar), in the 14th and 15th century by lords (nobles) like ?Banus Ivanis HORVAT and Stephan MOSONAC."
Anna HORVATH remarried in 1869 to a man 20 years younger Leopold JUNG 26 b.T? Fullok terber and Anna HORVATH was 45 they lived at the same residence, house number:110 Sotin Witneses:Joannes HAUPT and Frances HALFHAUS

1,  Urban ) BALINT and Anna HORVATH
had some ch: Four of which were :
1-3, Urban ) Juliana b.1859 February 16 d.28 August 1859
1-4, Urban ) Jacobus b.1861 July 15
1-3, Urban ) Andrew b.? d.Tovarnik 19??
1-4, Urban ) Maria b. Jan 29, 1867 in Sotin, d. 1938 in Michigan


1-1 Urban )Juliana BALINT was b.1859 Febuary 16 Baptised:Febuary 17, 1959
Godparents:Anna Cort Kovic and Jacob Zruko? (vte coloni)
Service preformed by:Antonius MATIC Juliana BALINT d.(mortus) 28 August 1859

1-2 Urban )Jacobus BALINT b.1861 July 15 Baptised the same day.
Godparents:Jackobus ZRKOVIK (unoratus plebejris?), Rno Cath-Roman Catholic)
Service preformed by: Michael FENMARIE? (Parochus Sottin enjy/ Sotin Parish?)
Jakob 23 b. Sotin son of Urbanas BALINTA Skalac m. Marija BAUMA 18 b. Doroselo, Batshka and lived Sotin She was dau. of Josepa BAUMA day laboror Witneses:Gjero TAUBL and Andrija ABT

1-3 Urban) Andrew BALINT b.? d.Tovarnik 19?? m. Anna "Boco" ELIZIC b. abt 1869 had children 1-1-1) Romania BALINT 1-1-2) Anne BALINT
(Anna ELIZIC BALINT came to USA 1912)

1-3-1, Urban, Andrew) Romania BALINT b. Jan 29, 1893 Austia/Hungary , d. Mar 1981 Michigan, m. Theodore "Toso" PIEVAK b.7 Mar 1891 Tobolic d. May 1966 MI. USA

1-3-2 Urban,Andrew) Anne BALINT b. abt 1903 d. Bad Axe, Michigan m. Albert WAHL d. Bad Axe, Michigan (Anna came to USA 1912)


*Marie BALINT m. first Wendall MARVANJ / MARVAN, Marie BALINT m. 2nd Theodore BALINT

1-4, Urban )Marie BALINT b. Jan 29, 1867 in Sotin, d. 1938 in Michigan m. first in 1885 bislop? 13th Wendall (Veddin) 23 MARVANJ / MARVAN :b.Opatovac he was the son of Sauders /Lauders MARVANJA and they had ch.

1-4-1)Andrew MARVANJ
1-4-2) Rosina MARVANJ

1-4-1 Urban , Marie ) Andrew MARVAN b. Austria/Hungary who m. ANNA ?????? from Tovarnic, Szerem border w/Bosnia which is south of Sotin a few miles. and had two ch: Joseph and Maria lived Crotatia?.

1-4-2 Urban , Marie ) Rosina MARVAN b.Sept 5, 1886 in OPATOVAC, Syriem County, Croatia Austria/Hungary who m. 1st) MAX ALMAS had a son MAX and 2nd) Anton AMENT b.Sept 16, 1884 moved to US. 1910-1911 and had several children.

1-4-2-1) (Urban , Marie ,Rosina) Max ALMAS (Son of Max ALMAS and Rosina MARVANJ ALMAS AMENT) b. Sept 16, 1905 Sotin? Austria/Hungary,
1-4-2-2) Urban, Marie,Rosina) Anthony AMENT b. August 16, 1908 Austria/Hungary,
1-4-2-3) Urban, Marie, Rosina) Joseph AMENT b. Michigan
1-4-2-4) Urban, Marie, Rosina) John AMENT b. Michigan
1-4-2-5) Urban, Marie, Rosina) Steve AMENT b. Michigan
1-4-2-6) Urban, Marie, Rosina) Mary AMENT b. Michigan

1-4 Urban )Marie b. Jan 29, 1867 (Sotin) d. 1938 in Michigan m. 2nd Theodore BALINT and had 1 ch:1-2-3) Magdalena BALINT
1-4-3, Urban , Marie ) ) Magdalena BALINT b. June 24, 1893 in OPATOVAC? Austria Hungary d. 1965 in Michigan m. 1912, Port Huron, Michigan. Joeseph AMENT b. Dec 9, 1888, Austria/Hungary d. 1974 in Michigan moved to MI, USA 1911-12? and had several children.
1-4-3-1Urban,Marie,Magdalena ) Rose AMENT b. Michigan
Urban,Marie,Magdalena) Steve AMENT b.Michigan


Mathew TITJUNG & Elizabeth AMENT

+1-3-5) Jacob, Michael ) ????????AMENT d. Vinkovci m. MARIA ????? lived Vinkovci "Josephs brother" said to have two ch. And moved to Austria after WW2.
+1-3-5-1) Jacob, Michael, ????????) Stefan AMENT a Catholic Priest Stefans name was changed to "Aunton" Stefan AMENT by the Franciscans. Stefan lived in Zagreb, Croatia. He died in Zagreb at age 77, with 61 years as a Franciscan and 53 years as a priest.
+1-3-5-2) Jacob, Michael, ????????) Josef AMENT went on to become a Catholic Priest and Josef lived in "Austria"
+1-3-6) Jacob, Michael ) Anna (Anne) AMENT b. ? d.? m. Mr. MAROSENE lived Vinkovci. had at least one dau. Anna (maybe Mary Anna) who had at least one son, he for a time(1966) lived Schlesien with his wife.

+1-3-6 -1) Jacob, Michael, Anna) Anna MAROSENE

+1-3-6 -0)Jacob, Michael, Anna) ?

1-4) Jacob, )Anton AMENT I b. Austria/Hungary m. Rosallya NUSSBRECKER 1883 in Sotin, Szrem, Hungary. Had children:

John LETT & Teresa AMENT LETT w/children


+1-3-2) Jacob, Michael ) Teresa AMENT m. John LETT. John LETT, b. Aug 06 1883 Austria/Hungary d. Dec 04 1942 FLA., ,Teresa AMENT LETT, b. Oct 10 1886 in Louvasy (LOVAS) Austria Hungary d. Dec 16 1975, buried both Escambia County, FLA.Children from this marriage were:

+1-3-2-1) Jacob, Michael, Teresa) Probably, Pauline LETT b. 1909 Yugoslavia

+ 1-3-2-2) Jacob, Michael, Teresa) Eva LETT was born about 1914 in Florida.

    1-3-2-3) Jacob, Michael, Teresa) Katherine LETT was born about 1922 in Florida, USA

(*note: LETT's lived in or near Pensacola, Florida next door neighbors were friends of family.(Anton Kollinger b.Jun 17 1881 in Yugoslavia d. Oct 08 1950 in FLA. m. about 1907 in Yugoslavia Elizabeth Kollinger b.Jan 23 1890 Yugoslavia d. May 30 1945 in FLA. both spoke German and were naturalized 1909) other nieghbor, (Nicholas KAIBL b. abt 1882 in Romania, naturalized 1908 m. abt. 1910 in Yugoslavia, Mary KAIBL b. abt 1892 in Yugoslavia, (both spoke German).


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