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Emigration From Somogy County To Slavonia and the United States. A sociological take on the disproportionate numbers of Swabians who left Somogy at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries and actually provides information on individuals and villages from that area (including my own grandfather). - Henry Fischer, 15 May 2008

People-German Community - Danube Swabia Homeland Association in Croatia
Ribarska 1, P.O. Box 110
HR 31000 Osijek
Tel./fax 00385 - 31 - 213610
Chairman: Nikola Mak /

Vital Records from south central Slavonia 1714-1898 covering Bogicevci, Cernik, Nova Gradiska, Orioviac, Staro Petrovo Selo, Stivica, and Vrbje

Stepping Back: a compilation of Indexes of Vital Records from Veli Losinj (Lussingrande) Croatia 1774-1918

List of Danube Swabians killed by Marshall Tito's Regime

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