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Kingdom of Slavonia &
Slavonia Krajina

After the World War I, Hungary surrendered Slavonia to the newly-formed Yugoslavia as part of the Treaty of Trianon (June 4, 1920). It was not merged back into Hungary during the years 1941-44 as other neighboring regions were. Following World War II, Slavonia with Croatia, Austrian Dalmatia, southern Istria and southern Baranya, but not Syrmia (Srem), establishing the state of Croatia within the Yugoslavian nation. As of May 19, 1991, these areas, including Slavonia, became the new nation of Croatia.



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Syrmia & Slavonia

Reproduced with the permission of the author from the book "Donauschwäbische Lebensformen an der Mittleren Donau" by Hans Gehl, Marburg 2003.
© Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Tübingen 1996 © N.G. Elwert Verlag Marburg


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Syrmia & Slavonia Village Map

Historic Settlement Map of the Danube Swabian by Hans Sonnleitner & Magdalena Kopp-Krumes; Copyrighted Danube-Swabian Culture Foundation (Brochure - April 2004, out of print) - Contributed by Hans Kopp, with permission of by Ernst Jaeger.



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Croatia with Slavonia highlighted



Eastern Croatia








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