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  • Scheer / Scherer, Tieringer / Tiringer / Diringer / Turinger / Du(ü)rimager / Thüringer
  • Rausch, Seif, Sirn, Tiringer, Weber
  • Focht / Vogt, Seif, [Kellerman and Ferenc]
  • Gier
  • Weres, Mangaresch, Lind
  • Klein, Bautz, Kirschner
  • Anhalt, Noll
  • Metzger, Weber
  • Thoma, Fritz
  • Wagner, Moos / Moosz
  • Schmidt, Weisz, Till

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Tieringer / Dieringer / Diringer and Scheer

Contact: Thüringer Anton and Jody McKim

Information obtained from the Banat Church Records - by commissioned Researcher Sorin Fortiu - GenealogyRo, unless otherwise noted.

-PAUL TIERINGER / DIRINGER [MC: D 29.11.1797, Szt. Andreas; B~1737, “Saproviensis” [MC: according to St. Andreas FB, page 380, entrance 4422]

-EVA SCHEER [MC: D 19.04.1817, Szt. Andreas; B~1745 [MC: according to St. Andreas FB]

Their children:

JOANNES, M 2.02.1796, Szt. Andreas, Elisabetha LÖB; M2. 25.01.1824, Margaretha Thomas [MC: 2 marriages and 17 children in Szt. Andreas with his first wife. After his second M some members of the family will move out from Szt. Andreas]
GEORG, B~1774, D 23.03.1791, Szt. Andreas
SOPHIA, B ~1780, [MC: she is not listed in St. Andreas FB] D 8.08.1836, SOPHIA, widow of deceased PETRI LUPERGER, 40y[B~1796], plebeja, Merczifalva, omnibus sacramenti provisa in cholera
ELISABETHA, B 10.07.1789, do PAULUS TIRINGER & EVA, H 47 Szt. Andras, PNCC: ELISABETHA FRANZEN & NICOLAUS FRANZEN; MC: D 22.05.1794, Szt. Andreas [MC: according to St. Andreas FB]
SUSANNA, B 24.08.1792, do PAULUS DIRINGER, notarii & EVA, H 47 Szt. Andras, PNCC: SUSANNA LUXEMBURGERin, MICHAEL LUXEMBURGER; MC: D 22.05.1794, Szt. Andreas [MC: according to St. Andreas FB]
If you have a connection or information about this family, please contact Jody McKim. For more information visit Jody's family website:

Rausch, Seif, Tiringer, Weber

Contact: Charles McCool
Summary of RAUSCH line from Sankt Andreas.

Peter RAUSCH, b. 17 Mar 1862 in Sankt Andreas Hungary, d. 29 Apr 1906 in Sankt Andreas Hungary Mary SEIF, b. 11 Oct 1867 in Sankt Andreas Hungary, d. 22 Dec 1900 in Sankt Andreas Hungary

Paul RAUSCH, b. 16 Dec 1835 in Sankt Andreas Hungary + Barbara TIRINGER, b. 15 Sep 1840 in Sankt Andreas Hungary, d. 23 Mar 1919 in Sankt Andreas Hungary

Johann Georg RAUSCH, b. 10 Mar 1815 in Sankt Andreas Hungary, d. 10 Apr 1882 in Sankt Andreas Hungary + Katharina WEBER, b. 8 Jul 1817 in Sankt Andreas Hungary

Johann RAUSCH, b. ca 1774 in Saarburg Germany, d. 13 Oct 1828 in Sankt Andreas Hungary + Barbara SIRN, b. ca 1776 in Orscholz Germany, d. 24 Dec 1831 in Sankt Andreas Hungary

Nikolaus RAUSCH, b. ca 1735 in Pfalz Germany, d. 10 Jun 1802 in Sankt Andreas Hungary + Anna Maria Unknown, b. ca 1735 in Sackelhausen Hungary, d. 1802 in Sankt Andreas Hungary

For more information visit Charles family website:

Focht / Vogt & Seif

Contact: Steve Ford
Kellerman and Ferenc are of interest.


Contact: Ken Ferris kenferris at puro-tec dot com
My, grandfather Carl (Karl) Gier sitting on the floor with accordion. Although the photo says St. Andreaser 1930 he was living in Philadelphia at that time. I think it is a beautiful photo with beautiful people.If any one recognizes these people or knows where the photo was taken, I would like to hear from you. (Clicking the photo will enlage) Karl Gier with accordian

Weres & Mangaresch

Contact: Mary Lindemann
My two families that were in Sanktandreas early on (1750's to early 1800) were Peter Weres and Nikolaus Lind family. Children from both families migrated to Neubeschenowa & some then went on to Deutschbentschek

Extractions from the FHL Film #858428 for St Andreas coming soon!

Klein, Bautz & Kirschner

Contact: Linda McKenna
Klein family may have been related to either Fredrick Bautz or Emilie Kirschner (sp) Bautz

Anhalt & Noll

Contact: Ben Anhalt
My great grandfather and grandmother were born in Sanktandreas before emigrating to the US. Johann Anhalt, b. 1882, spent time in an orphanage before coming to Philadelphia in 1905. Elisabeth Noll, b. 1888 and arrived in the US in 1906, possibly traveling with the family of Johann and Katharine Vocht.

Metzger & Weber

Contact: John Fidel Fay
My Grandfather Johann Metzger was b. 27 Apr 1874 in Sanktandreas. My Grandmother Anna Katherine Weber was b. 27 Apr 1886 Sanktandreas. They married 4 May 1899 in Temesvar.

Thoma, Fritz

Contact: Joanne Kearns
My father, John Thoma, was born in St Andreas. My grandmother, Anna Fritz was born in 1890 in St Andreas; her parents were: Nickolas Fritz and Anna Messmer. Anna Messmer's parents were born in Sackelhausen. My grandmother's brothers-in-law were from Dolatz.

Wagner, Moos / Moosz

Contact: Kathi Reid

Schmidt, Weisz & Till

Contact: Peter Michael Solt
I am researching my ancestors, my grandfather Franz SCHMIDT, was born in Sankt Andreas 26.01.1871, the last son of the family. His wife, my Grandmother, was Teresa geb. TILL, born 21.01.1834 Sankt Andreas. According to the report of the Catholic, bishop's office in Temeschburg, the church books were taken away. If you know me something about these families please contact me.
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