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The Schwaben Joy 
We Schwabens like to make merry
And today we rejoice in life
We want now at the sound of music
In happy spirits [celebrate] life with song
We happily sing the Schwaben joy
We sing it with all our hearts
We also sing many a song
In which the Schwaben pride blooms
Therefore we call out loud
Schwaben folk
Life is a joy
  Die Schwaben Lust 
Wir Schwaben wollen lustig sein
Und Heute uns des Lebens freuen
Wir wollen jetzt bei Musik Klang
In froh sin Leben mit Gesang
Wir singen froh die Schwaben lust
Wir singen sie aus voller Brust
Wir singen auch so manches Lied
In welchen Schwaben Stoltz aufblüht
Drum rufen wir Hoch
Schwaben Leut
Das Leben ist a Freut

A dance performed in Schwaben costume in the Kleinjetscha meadow
Taught by teacher Anna Schiepper to Barbara Hui and translated by Kathy Plourde


    Did you know?
  Johann Braun, the first known homesteader from the Banat to settle in southwest North Dakota, was born in Kleinjetscha in 1857.  In 1889, he filed his claim for land in Stark County, North Dakota (Dreyer and Hatter).

In 1866, there was a reading club with 25 newspapers in Kleinjetscha (Zenz 1969).

Between 1890 and 1910, the Kleinjetscha boys choir toured and performed in Europe and America (
Giel 2001).

ccording to the 1924 Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender, "the best bone doctors are in Kleinjetscha."




Johann Ehardt, my grandfather


My grandfather was born in 1880 in Klein-Beregsau
(Nemeth is what he called it), a village not far from
Kleinjetscha.  His parents and three generations of his
grandparents, however, lived in Kleinjetscha.
I hope this village page will bring together people with
Kleinjetscha roots.  Please, if you have questions or
information to contribute—photos, stories, sites,
historical data, family information—let me know.

Jane Ehardt Moore
Village Coordinator


News & Recent Additions...

April 2017:

  Cathy Ott added to Family Registry.
Eighty-three 2016 village photos added to Norbert Neidenbach's Kleinjetshcha web site.

January 2017:

  It is now possible to view a digital version of the Kleinjetscha family book (Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Kleinjetscha im Banat: 1772-2000 by Dietmar Giel) at LDS Family History Centers throughout the world.

May 2016:

  Attention Schaljo researchers! Carol Filippi has done significant work on the Loraine origins of the Schaljo (Chaliot) family that lived in Kleinjetscha. See the Bulletin Board for more details and a link to the complete story.

New Family Photos contributed by Vicki Conrad and Carol Filippi.

Robert Evensen and Carol Filippi added to Family Registry.

The "Scrubby Dutch" added to Family Stories.



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