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Keglewichhausen Keglewich Chegleviciu

Village Coordinator
John Kornfeind Mail
Village Profile

   Official Name: Cheglevici

   Name Variants
German Keglewitschhausen, Hungary
German Keglewichhausen, Hungary
Hungarian Keglevichhaza, Hungary
Official Cheglevici, Romania
OTHER Keglewitsch, Romania
OTHER Keglewich, Romania
OTHER Chegleviciu, Romania

Region Banat
Latitude: 46 07' North
Longitude: 20 27' East

1930s photo of St. Matthias, Roman Catholic Church. HOG-Keglewichhausen. Donated by Alex Leeb.
HOG Photo Page.

Village Maps
1914 Map
        321 KB

Entire Map
        760 KB

  • This map is of a portion of the Banat region that includes Keglewitschhausen.
  • The Banat today (2006) is located in three nations: Romania, Hungary and Serbia.
  • Source: American Geographical Society Collection of The University of Wisconsin - the Mako' panel
  • Published in 1914
  • Scale of 1:75,000
1930's Map
        60 KB
  • Keglewitschhausen 1930 & 1945
  • Illustrated by Hans Riesz
  • Left side of the map = East (toward Gross Sankt Nikolaus)
  • Right = West(toward Alt-Beba)
  • Bottom = North (toward City of Mako')
  • Top = South (toward town of Obesenvo)
Cheglevici Map
        Current satellite map
  • Satellite image map and miscellaneous information.
  • DigitalGlobe at

Look ups
  • Cemetery map and location of family graves as of 1998.
  • 1930-1945 list of house numbers and families residing in Keglewitschhausen.
If you have any lookup inquiries, please contact the Village Coordinator. Unfortunately, the permission needed to make these resources public has not yet been obtained.

OPEN INVITATION: If you have pictures, stories, or other information you are willing to share about this village, please contact the coordinator of this village, John Kornfeind.

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