Schildgebirge Province
Fejer County

Schildgebirge Province / Fejer County, Hungary, location is 20-25 miles WSW of Budapest, Hungary. This is where the earliest "Donauschwabans" immigrated and settled before the  "Three Great Immigrations" began starting with the Caroline (1718-1737), Maria Theresian (1744-1772) and Josephinische (1772-1787). These early settlers immigrated into Hungary circa 1695, purchased land and settled the area. The 2nd generation of the initial settlers began to immigrate into the Banat and once there were responsible in the creation of over 50 or more towns.

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C-D 2004 Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Boglar=Vertesboglar in Schildebirge in Ungarn 1761-1821/31 von Stefan Stader. Published 1994
Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarreien Kornye (kirne, Kiernen, Kernau in Schildgebirge Province, Fejer County in Hungary. 1746-1800 (Teil I)
Kecsked (Ketschke, Kernegg 1744-1800 in Schildgebirge in Hungary. (Teil II) von Stefan Stader and Peter Tarnai. Published 1991

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