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Reproduced with the permission of the author from the book "Donauschwäbische Lebensformen an der Mittleren Donau" by Hans Gehl, Marburg 2003.
© Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Tübingen 1996 © N.G. Elwert Verlag Marburg

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Bakony Mountains within the Hungarian Middle Mountains

Contributed by Ernest Chrisbacher

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Offener Bergland refers to the major Swabian villages that form a ring around Budapest, hence its name.  Offen is the German name for Buda which is a Bulgarian word for oven and guess what Offen means in German?  The Buchenwald is the German word to describe the Bakony Forest region which is a large sprawling region north of Lake Balaton including several counties.


Veszprem County

indicating the provincial divide, towns, cities and capitals located within the county. This map shows some of the major cities in the Veszprem region

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Hungarian Highlands

Historic Settlement Map of the Danube Swabian by Hans Sonnleitner & Magdalena Kopp-Krumes; Copyrighted Danube-Swabian Culture Foundation (Brochure - April 2004, out of print) - Contributed by Hans Kopp, with permission of by Ernst Jaeger.

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